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Close More High Ticket Sales With Ease By Using Context In Your Pricing

Today I’m going to teach you about one of my favorite sales strategies that helps to remove resistance around your prices and makes closing deals so much easier!

You know when you get sick for 2-3 weeks with a nasty cold that feels so endless and miserable? Then there’s the one day that you suddenly start to feel better, and its like the best day in the world!

Think about that for a sec, just getting back to ‘normal’ feels amazing! Why is that?

Because you just experienced 2-3 weeks of feeling miserable, which gives you context to how great it feels to get back to normal!

Did you know you can do the same thing when it comes to pitching your high ticket offers? What if you could make the pitch actually feel good when you name your price?

A story to illustrate the point:

Years ago, I had a traumatic injury where I broke my jaw and had to have it wired shut for 6 weeks. Yeah, it was bad, I had to drink through a straw and worried about how I could even...

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How Solopreneurs Can Generate Leads Like Successful Sales Organizations

I want to make it easier for you to close more deals and bring in more cashflow into your business.  

In this article I’m going to share with you my favorite way to get clients to ‘raise their hand’ and self-identify so you can help them with your offers.  

Many of you know that I’m a sales professional with a 10-year proven track record of closing an average of $3.6 million in deals every year. 

There have been times where I’ve been called an ‘anomaly’ in sales because I do things so differently, and by that, I mean I don’t cold prospect’. 

I'm not an anomaly though, I just use content marketing to attract clients instead of chasing them with cold outreach. 

Last week, one of the cringeworthy strategies that I talked about in my blog post '9 Sales Strategies To Avoid If You Want To Close More Deals' is the ‘stalker method’. 

Just to recap, the ‘stalker method’...

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9 Sales Strategies To Avoid If You Want To Close More Deals

Today I’m going to drop some nuggets on SALES to help you crush more deals. I’ll be sharing with you some of the ‘bad’ strategies and mistakes that a lot of people in sales make. 

If you DON’T do these, you’ll be head of most average sales reps out there.  

I’m excited to have just qualified for my 9th Presidents Club award in Sales. ‘P-club’ as they like to call it is for the top performers in a sales agency, and I’m honored to make the list again!  

I also enjoy sharing some of the strategies with you that has helped me be successful. One thing I’m most proud of is being able to do that without being high pressure or sales-ey. 

I think a lot of people who are not sales professionals (and many who are) miss out on an incredible amount of deals because they are either afraid to sell or they push too hard. 

The truth is there is a great middle ground where you...

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Winning Digital Marketing Trends For 2024: Creating Hyper-Niche Offers

If you are a coach or a consultant in the online space, its getting harder and harder to stand out in 2024. In this article I'll share with you:

  • How to stand out in oversaturated and over-farmed markets in the online space.
  • My favorite strategy for creating life-long clients.
  • How to break into existing online markets and take more market share.
  • The formula for creating 'hyper-niche' offers.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling that the online space is SO CROWDED and there is so much noise, its hard to stand out.

Today, let’s fix that and help you take some of that market share.

Last year when META rolled out the Threads app, I was excited because I thought it could be a fresh start for me as far as finding NEW thought leaders and not the same old ones that I see EVERYWHERE.

I wanted to see people like YOU!

I didn’t follow any of the big names in the personal development, coaching, mindset, or marketing space, only people that I knew.

But guess who...

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Why You Should Stop Worrying About High Income & Net Worth And Focus On Passive Income

In this article I'll be talking about: 

  • How the financial system programs people to live in scarcity. 
  • How the biggest financial guru's are not practicing what they teach. 
  • Why I shifted my business to a passive income model. 
  • How to escape the financial rat race by building cash flowing assets. 

Last year I made the decision to stop doing high ticket coaching in favor of creating a more ‘passive’ business model that allowed for cashflow to consistently come in regardless of if I was present in my business or not.

I was making great money with coaching & consulting, but I realized that if I kept going on the current path then I was enabling myself to trade high dollars for less freedom.

The game is rigged.

We all seek to improve our financial situation by acquiring money. At a basic level it takes care of our needs such as food, warmth, and shelter.

Once that is taken care of, we are free to pursue what we want with more flexibility.


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Mastering High-Ticket Sales: A Guide to Nurturing Leads and Boosting Revenue in 2024

Today I wanted to share with you how I close high ticket sales with ease by using a lead nurturing technique that I learned from digital marketing, I like to call this LEAD FLOW

First, let me explain big picture of HOW this framework works:

The biggest thing that I’ve learned in sales & marketing over the last 10 years is that most people, that is if you are selling higher ticket offers of $2k and above, are NOT ready to buy from you when they first stumble across your great post on social media or hear you on a podcast.

People are leaving lifetime clients and sales on the table because they are ignoring what I call the ‘nurture’ period where you build the KLT factor (know, like and trust).

During this nurture period, you can get highly intentional about helping a client become aware of (you, their problem and potential solutions), then interested in doing something about it, which then moves to DESIRE, and lastly acting (buying).

For many including...

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How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency In 2024

Want to start a digital marketing agency in 2024? What if I told you that you could run this from anywhere in the world, completely remote, and be a digital nomad? 

In this article I'll show you the exact digital marketing business I would build if I were starting from scratch, and share a very special app that I would use it for!

I’ll show you an incredible and demand driven strategy in just a second, but let me give you some context first:  

One thing I LOVE doing is being on the lookout for ‘problems’ that can be solved, then creating a solution, then making money by solving that problem. 

That’s one of the reasons why I created a course showing people step by step on how to build out the most crucial parts of an online business (email list, lead magnets, courses, sales & checkout pages) using my favorite ‘all in one app’ for coaches & course creators: Kajabi.  

People fear tech. Kajabi...

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Why High Ticket Sales Is Not A "Numbers Game"

One of the biggest myths I hear about high ticket sales is:  

“It’s a numbers game.” 

What that means is, theoretically, the more ‘touches’ a person makes such as outbound calls, texts, emails and DM’s, the more deals they will close.  

Grind it out. Commit to ‘x’ amount of touches per day, which will lead to ‘y’ amount of calls, which will amount to ‘z’ amount of deals closed.   

I call it the ‘spray and pray method’. Spray as many outreaches as you can (like a machine-gun) and then pray you get some deals closed.  

I remember being in part of a business coaching program that prescribed something like 50-80 cold out reaches per day. 

“Pushes” of activity metrics, for 2 week stretches. Get a 3x5 card and tally up how many outreaches you made that day. Sounds miserable.  

(caveat) There is power in repetition though, simply...

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How to Create a Highly Flexible Online Business By Using A Value Ladder

There has never been a better time to create an online business that allows you the flexibility to make money online doing what you love. The ability to reach a 'one to many' audience and the freedom to operate from any location are just a few of the enticing benefits. However, the journey to a successful online business is often misunderstood and misdirected, leading many entrepreneurs astray.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Online Business Strategies

Many online entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in a cycle of selling a single offer at one price point, using one-to-one methods. This approach is not only limiting but also exhausting. Some 'gurus' advocate for aggressive tactics like targeting clients in the comments of influencers, engaging in awkward conversations to identify 'pain points', and pushing for high-ticket sales on cold calls. While this might work for a few, it's a challenging and often unsustainable path for most.

The Matrix: Multiple price points and multiple...

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My $36 Million Sales Script For Business To Consumer Sales

Today I wanted to share with you my EXACT sales script that I use to easily close deals with no pressure, without being sales-ey or sleazy. Make sure you save this so you can revisit this at a later time.

This formula gets me a ton of results and I used this script to hit Presidents Club in Sales for 8 out of 9 years in a $2 billion Fortune 500 company and close $36 million in B2C deals. In full transparency, it's not an actual script, it’s more like a flow with a few key elements and you can use it to create your own sales script. 

One of my big mantras in sales (this also goes for coaching and leadership as well) is ‘talk less, listen more’ and it’s a great recipe.  

The first thing I do, unlike a lot of people in sales who ‘pound the pavement’ or ‘dial for dollars’ is that I use digital marketing (content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing) to get people to book calls with...

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