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How I almost missed out on $30k

Last week I shared an email on my newsletter about how I almost caved into self-doubt when it came to launching my last edition of my Leveraging LinkedIn course.

had a successful 1st launch but there was a lot of resistance for me to do it again and so many months went by where I did nothing.  

I avoided taking action & let things get in the way. 

But I knew that since I was feeling that resistance, I needed to do it, and to do it regardless of the outcome.  

I needed to learn the skill of launching a course, because I knew the power of community and being able to impact people on more than just a 1x1 basis. 

I also knew this:  

Building a knowledge-based offer is the PERFECT business. 

  • It can be run remotely from anywhere in the world. 
  • It does not require any degrees or certifications
  • It can be built while you have a job and kids (I have 3 of em)
  • It has minimal overhead costs
  • It requires no physical products (warehousing or shipping)
  • Can be run with or without additional employees
  • Can be ongoing or done during certain times of the year (some of the biggest names have courses that launch for 8-12 weeks two times per year).
  • Can be run without complex software or apps
  • Can be scaled infinitely

So I leaned in, and used some of the same concepts that I’ll be sharing with you on Tuesday at 9pm EST on my free live training with Tucker Ferwerda (my marketing expert).

As you know, even though I didn’t make any sales in the first 2 days, it ended up being a $30k launch and then turned into an evergreen course an community (that means we are enrolling people on an ongoing basis and now have 115 members).

Are you potentially missing out on a big chunk of income because you have an awesome idea that you haven’t launched (or maybe you have but you didn’t have the results you wanted)?  

So now I have a question for you: 

When it comes to growing your coaching business and getting high-value clients, what’s the #1 thing you’d like to learn for our upcoming live training?

2 calls to action today:  

Have a great weekend! 


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