Sick And Tired Of Fighting An Uphill Social Media Battle?

I almost didn’t follow my dream of being a coach because it felt like organic growth was non-existent on Facebook and Instagram. Gaining a handful of followers took massive energy. Chasing leads in the DM’s was humiliating. Seeing so many others doing what I wanted to do was deflating. Finding qualified leads on an ‘entertainment based platform was like finding a needle in a haystack.

But then I kept hearing Gary V talking about LinkedIn….

I spent months learning about LinkedIn and it became a new opportunity for me. Multiple streams of income, authority in my niche, media opportunities and amazing connections. Any Digital Entrepreneur can massively upgrade their authority and be seen as a leader in their niche by using the Leveraging LinkedIn formula described below:

"I think LinkedIn has crossed the chasm into Facebook territory, where you can literally do anything. Like if you sell puppies, or ice cream, or candles, or T-shirts, or have a club–you can have a LinkedIn presence. Same if you’re a financial advisor, a lawyer, or you’re trying to sell concrete to a B2B executive. I genuinely believe they all can play."

Gary Vaynerchuk - CEO Vayner Media

"I had never been on social media before in my life"

Meet Claudia. She was told by a friend to get active on social media after recovering from a devastating divorce and loss of multiple family members so she could find her voice after being so broken. I invited her to join my Leveraging LinkedIn course and what happened was absolutely incredible. Watch the video to see what unfolder for her:

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This Course Is Perfect For:

  • You want to be known as a thought leader, an absolute authority in your niche that people look up to as the 'go to' person. 
  • You want to capitalize on LinkedIn's organic growth and attract the right clients to you rather than spending that time on massive marketing campaigns that rarely get a response. 
  • You want to STAND OUT in your niche and not blend in with the countless other people who are in the same industry as you fighting for clients. 
  • You are good at what you do but sales makes you feel uncomfortable. You hate 'pitching' people and getting rejected. 
  • You post content and you are getting nothing but 'cricket's and can't figure out why.


This course contains:

8 Modules and a growing content library to help you use LinkedIn to grow your reach and attract your tribe.

Leveraging LinkedIn Community - a Facebook group where you can get questions answered, share knowledge and network.

LinkedIn Labs -  Live Q/A  sessions, hot seats with previous Leveraging LinkedIn  members, guest trainers.

Private Podcast - Get exclusive access to the course content delivered to your favorite podcast app so you can listen on the go.

Instant Network - I  will connect you with other members that will help keep you accountable and grow together.

About your instructor

Simon Parsons is a growth mindset coach, entrepreneur and senior sales rep.

In 9 months he grew his LinkedIn following from 2k to over 10k from 99% inbound requests through content creation.

He has qualified for Presidents Club (top 10%) for 7 out of 7  years at a Fortune 100 Sales Organization.

He is a LinkedIn advisor for Elite Coaching Systems, a high ticket coaching program for top performing coaches.

He will teach the exact blueprint he used to get over 1.1 million views, 29k likes and 28k comments in the last year (and how that converts to business).

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Surrounded your self with other driven entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) that will support you and hold you accountable on your LinkedIn journey.
  • Nailed down the formula for success. Understand the 3 pillars for success on LinkedIn that every heavy hitter on the platform knows about creating an organic and engaged following.
  • Learn how to build a personal brand like a pro. The ins and outs on how to absolutely stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience. 
  • Learn how to create captivating content that draws your readers in and creates engagement. Gone are the days where you will post to crickets and beat yourself up because you got little to no interaction.
  • Understand the algorithm. LinkedIn is a much different platform than Facebook or Instagram and what you don't know can waste a ton of your valuable time trying to figure it out, that is if you haven't gotten frustrated and given up.
  • Learned how to get out of your own way when it comes to sales and understand how to sell without 'selling'.
  • Started down the path of building an organic and inbound following and cultivate the 'know, like and trust' factor that helps you to sell easier. 

Marcus Chan On How To Fuel A

7-Figure Business Using LinkedIn:

Leveraging LinkedIn is filled with downloads, PDF's, Cheat Sheets and more. One of the best bonuses is a special behind the scenes look at how LinkedIn and Salesforce Influencer Marcus Chan uses LinkedIn to funnel clients into his high ticket sales course for Sales and B2B reps. 

Leveraging LinkedIn will be bringing in more great coaches,  LL Alumni and guest trainers to help you navigate LinkedIn better!

I'm Ready!

Superheroes Of Leveraging LinkedIn

Here are a few success stories of those who took action and created results for themselves. If you take action and do the steps in this course you will have a transformative experience and a great community of support!

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The problem with so many 'LinkedIn coaches"

Most LinkedIn coaches charge you $1000 to spruce up your profile, tell you to get a professional headshot, fill out your 'about section' completely and give you advice that you can get from Google. This Course is a DEEP dive into so many aspects of creating an absolute stunning presence and help you standout from the thousands or millions of other people in your niche.

Two of the standout modules are Personal Branding and The Art of Selling Without Selling. I am a 7 time Presidents Club Qualifier for a Fortune 500 Sales Organization and will teach you how to help your customers come to you and ask 'so how do we get started' instead of what others teach you to do, which is DM people and pitch your product (the worst thing you can do on LinkedIn). 

A blueprint of success on LinkedIn:

After my own dismal results in the spring of 2020, I spent countless hours interviewing and observing some of the top B2B and Sales influencers on LinkedIn, even hiring some of them to find out what they had in common in creating their results. 

In July I went 'all in' and within a month took payment of my first inbound coaching client. Within 4 months I had several inbound clients as well as started the first version of this course, Leveraging LinkedIn, where 13 of my 14 students completed every module and created results. In the last year I had added over 8000 inbound connections & 1 million views of my content. I will be sharing with you the exact techniques I used. 

What people are saying:

View 50+ more testimonials

I don't want this course to end!!!
I went from digging my heels about "engaging" on LinkedIn to posting about how much I LOVE LinkedIn!
My views went up by 1450% and my comments went up by 470% over the last 8-week Bootcamp.
I've been invited on podcasts. I had too many amazing and touching Zoom conversations to count.
I made real friends! I took on a team member for my new pre-launch company. I've been touched and inspired by the amazing people I'm connecting with.
And most importantly, I enjoyed the whole process.

-Kati Harris

Simon is the man!!
In the short time I have known him, he has helped me tremendously and provided invaluable guidance.
I followed his recommendations and in a month's time, I nearly doubled my network on LinkedIn with real and genuine connections.
I'm so grateful for his laid-back, can-do attitude because it definitely helped me when I was uncertain about my next steps.
Simon is a fantastic coach with a great heart and spirit!
Thank you Simon, for all that you have done!

-Mel Shipman

I highly recommend Coach Simon’s 8 week LinkedIn course to everyone. He truly delivers impeccable knowledge and has so much wisdom in teaching the in’s & out’s of LinkedIn.
I enjoy every weekly class where he patiently explains to us on the various important topics in his program. He is a true legend of a growth mindset coach.
He not only teaches you the concepts, he also coaches you on the “why”s and the “do’s & don’ts” so you fully understand analyzing and looking from different angles. What truly sets him aside from all the other coaches I have worked with is the essence of his true character.
What I love about him is him being a coach that is genuine, as well as giving and loving to each of us.  I highly recommend Coach Simon’s courses/programs/coaching. 
-Kollene Lee

Here is what you get with Leveraging LinkedIn:

  • New Feature! "LinkedIn Labs" weekly live coaching calls with: guest instructors, Q and A or set topics around digital marketing and LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to network with other forward moving professionals that will help you! 
  • Deep dive on 7 valuable topics (personal branding, engagement & building your tribe, posting best practices, creating captivating content, understanding the algorithm, non invasive sales and a dynamic profile page). 
  • Community (Similar  to a Facebook Group) where you can interact with other members, ask questions, find support. 
  • New Feature! Recordings of each lesson posted to a private podcast that you can listen to on the go through your favorite podcast app, listen on the go! 
  • New Feature! Course materials can be viewed on the Kajabi Mobile App, not just on your desktop!
  • Downloadable documents including cheat sheets, checklists & guidelines for best practices. 
  • New Feature: Forever access to the growing vault of content which will expand into new topics such as coaching and digital course creation to help you build or extend your business/side hustle using LinkedIn. 
  • Perhaps the best thing about this course is going through it with other members who will support you and help keep you accountable. You'll build some great relationships and be surrounded by some incredible forward moving individuals to help you build success! 
  • Bonuses: Bonus trainings with Brand Strategist & Podcaster Nate Peo as well as Sales Legend Marcus Chan as he talks about using LinkedIn for lead magnets and funnel building. Also trainings by LinkedIn Influencer Michael Ray (Top 50 most impactful people on LinkedIn) and Personal Branding Expert Karyl Eckerle, Digital Marketing Expert Tucker Ferwerda, Online Marketing Expert Charlotte Petit Noble, Sales Coach Ammar Assad and many more!

Learn the psychology and mindset of marketing, sales and content creation!

Learn how to create content that stops people in the feed and get them to pay attention and engage with your posts. Learn the psychology of sales and how to ethically influence buying decisions that truly help your clients. Help them understand what their pain points are and move them to their desired outcomes. Get more strategic with your content, your messaging and learn to speak to your audience in a way that resonates. Learn to identify potential clients in the comments of your content and then move them into your pipeline without having to 'sell them'.

Top LinkedIn Thought Leaders Share Their Secrets!

The instant you sign up for Leveraging LinkedIn, you will get instant access to over 30 LinkedIn training modules but you will also get access to a bonus library of calls with some of the top influencers on LinkedIn sharing what is working for them in regards to marketing, sales, content creation and personal branding! Get access now!

Single Pay Option


Total value with all bonuses is $3247! Act now and get lifetime access before prices increase next week!

  • LinkedIn Vault (8 modules with digestable lessons)
  • Lifetime Access plus an expanding library of content. 
  • LinkedIn Labs (8 weeks of live training, Q/A and guest instructors. 
  • Private podcast (listen to lessons on the go via your favorite podcast app) or watch lessons on your computer/smartphone.
  • LinkedIn Community where you can network, get answers and share your work. 
  • PDF's, Cheat Sheets, Bonuses and other downloads.
  • Progress tracker and weekly action items to keep you on track.
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Split Pay Option (4x)

$275 x 4

Total value with all bonuses is $3247! Act now and get lifetime access before prices increase next week!

  • LinkedIn Vault (8 modules with digestable lessons)
  • Lifetime Access plus an expanding library of content. 
  • LinkedIn Labs (8 weeks of live training, Q/A and guest instructors. 
  • Private podcast (listen to lessons on the go via your favorite podcast app) or watch lessons on your computer/smartphone.
  • LinkedIn Community where you can network, get answers and share your work. 
  • PDF's, Cheat Sheets, Bonuses and other downloads.
  • Progress tracker and weekly action items to keep you on track.
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Business Development Package

Book A Call

Get access to custom business consulting on how to scale your coaching business.

  • 3 monthly 1x1 calls with Martha Perez & Simon Parsons customized to you and your business.
  • DM access to both coaches for quick questions. 
  • Includes: Complete Leveraging LinkedIn 8 module Course. 
  • Lifetime access plus an expanding library of content. 
  • Private Podcast (listen on the go via your favorite podcast app) or watch lessons on your computer/smartphone
  • Get all of our scripts, templates, contracts, workbooks and other tools to help you ramp up quicker.
  • Progress tracker and weekly action items to keep you on track. 
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