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Winning Digital Marketing Trends For 2024: Creating Hyper-Niche Offers

If you are a coach or a consultant in the online space, its getting harder and harder to stand out in 2024. In this article I'll share with you:

  • How to stand out in oversaturated and over-farmed markets in the online space.
  • My favorite strategy for creating life-long clients.
  • How to break into existing online markets and take more market share.
  • The formula for creating 'hyper-niche' offers.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling that the online space is SO CROWDED and there is so much noise, its hard to stand out.

Today, let’s fix that and help you take some of that market share.

Last year when META rolled out the Threads app, I was excited because I thought it could be a fresh start for me as far as finding NEW thought leaders and not the same old ones that I see EVERYWHERE.

I wanted to see people like YOU!

I didn’t follow any of the big names in the personal development, coaching, mindset, or marketing space, only people that I knew.

But guess who showed up in my feed? All the same old big names that I see on Facebook, YouTube, Podcasts, LinkedIn, Instagram.

No disrespect to these amazing creators, they shaped my life and inspired me, but it just feels like such a rigged game (it IS a rigged game).

The way the algorithm’s of these big platforms work is they keep pushing out MORE of the same content.

If I watch a Joe Dispenza or Jay Shetty video, guess what the next 10 videos will be?

If I like someone’s post on LinkedIn, guess what the next post I see in my feed will be? Another post by that person.

If you look podcasts recommendations, what do you see? The top .1% retain the top positions because they get pushed out more, so they get more downloads, so they get pushed out more and increase the gap over new podcasts (it’s a cycle).

It makes it hard to break into over-farmed and over-saturated markets.

Fortunately, I’m part of several online communities comprised of thousands of creators (coaches, consultants, course creators) and get to see trends of what is working and what is not.

Day after day I see people launching their courses and getting their asses kicked.

It’s because there is simply too much noise everywhere and people are drowning in information.

Texts, emails, DMs & message apps, multiple social platforms, podcasts, YouTube, blogs, advertisements everywhere.

But there are still a lot of people winning in the online space and plenty of room for those with the right strategy.

If you are already CRUSHING it, keep going, you are doing something right!

What I’m seeing is the people with ‘broad topics’ are getting absolutely destroyed because there is so much noise, while the creators who ‘hyper-niche’ and create highly specific content do really well.

Now we all know there are benefits to ‘niching down’ (the riches are in the niches, a jack of all trades is a master of none) but what I’m talking about is hyper-niching on a topic/specific outcome and using that as doorway to unlock a goldmine of business on broader topics.

More on that in just a sec, but first let’s clarify something:

I’ve heard some big influencers say, ‘YOU are the niche’, use your special flavorings on social media and talk about all your interests, then niche down on your email list and paid content.

OK, that’s great and all but that is NOT a niche, that is your personal brand.

Yes, by all means talk about the things that make you unique or things you enjoy, it creates connection points with people.

A niche is a specialization, or a segment of the market, or both.

Ok back to hyper-niching to unlock a gold mine of business:

I actually did this myself, but I had no clue I was doing it at the time, and over the years I’ve realized this is a great strategy. Let me explain….

Broad topic: (for example) social media

A niche topic: social media > specific platform (still too broad in my opinion)

A little more niche: social media > specific platform > specific audience

Hyper-niche topic: social media > specific platform > specific audience > specific outcome

But here’s the kicker, the ‘hyper-niching’ is intentionally designed as a doorway to give you a LOT more business on the back end (multiple offers, multiple price points).

Back in 2020, I created my first course helping coaches & consultants (specific audience) crush it on LinkedIn (specific platform) which did very well because it was ‘a little more niche’.

I picked that as a topic because I was learning how to build online courses and it just so happened at that time a lot of people were asking me about my early success on LinkedIn.

I had NO idea that it would unlock a vast arsenal of other topics I could help people with.

The reason why is because if I’m helping coaches & consultants create more business on LinkedIn, it’s a high probability that there are so many other areas I could help them with.

The LinkedIn topic essentially became a ‘funnel’ to helping people in so many ways: creating courses, passive income, sales & lead generation, digital marketing, email marketing; and even mindset (my favorite topic ever).

LinkedIn does not define me or my business, but it unlocks EVERYTHING.

Here’s another example of how I’ve used this:

Since 2021 I’ve had a podcast based around Mindset (way to broad), then I decided to rebrand it and match my business focus and talk more about online business (still way to broad).

It did ok, bumping up in the top 2.5% of podcasts worldwide, but it was big fight to gain any ground in such established markets. Recently I decided to put that podcast on pause to focus on tighter markets.

Last July I launched a hyper-niche podcast that helps high net worth surgeons take control of their skill set and become private contractors.

I’ve put out about 20 episodes, 10-14 minutes each, but it was so easy to rank at the top on that one in just a few months because it wasn’t a saturated market.

And….2 weeks ago I closed a $126,000 deal that came from that podcast.

Can you create your own Hyper-Niche offer that takes your business to new levels?

I think using an ‘online course’ with a hyper-niche topic is an excellent doorway for more business.

The reason why is an online course can be sold anywhere at anytime at a reasonable price (opening you up to a larger pool of customers.

Online courses I’ve created years ago are still paying dividends.

At this point I don’t even care about the front-end price because I know that its not about the money you make, it’s about the future clients you gain.

A lot of businesses could benefit from this simple strategy….

Front end: Hyper-niche online course that no one else has.

Use this to stand out in an oversaturated market, but more importantly build the trust of a potential lifetime client by helping them with a very specific outcome or win.

Also, when someone actually pays you money (as long as you over-deliver) they are highly likely to pay you again.

Niche topic + specific audience + specific outcome = hyper-niche offer.

Back end: after they’ve completed your hyper-niche course, offer them a higher level of service and accountability through a high-ticket offer.

Also create a low ticket ‘continuity program’ like a group membership or subscription for those who can’t afford your high-ticket services (this was a big mistake I made with my LinkedIn course, I had so many people who LOVED the community and so I kept it going for an entire year without charging a low monthly fee that could have brought in a lot of extra income).

If you’d like do go deeper on niching, grab my Nail Your Niche Workshop, I just set up a 50% off coupon for today and tomorrow that you can use.

My favorite tool for creating Hyper-Niche offers that bring income into my business, while also helping clients with a win and positioning them to be clients is the 'all in one' platform for coaches and creators called 'Kajabi'. 

This is the app that I use for EVERYTHING I do online. You can use it for email marketing, course creations, creating passive income streams, building your website & blogs, creating sales pages, paid or free podcasts, lead magnets and more.

I've actually built a free course showing how I like to use Kajabi to create both passive and active income called How To Build Your Online Empire In KajabiI not only show you how to set up the most important assets of your online business, I also show you all the marketing hacks I use to make money online with this app.

On that page, there is a video that will show you the 'back end' of Kajabi and all the different ways that I use it, to take a look. 

“Do something today that a future version of yourself would be thankful for.”



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