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Winning Digital Marketing Trends For 2024: Creating Hyper-Niche Offers

If you are a coach or a consultant in the online space, its getting harder and harder to stand out in 2024. In this article I'll share with you:

  • How to stand out in oversaturated and over-farmed markets in the online space.
  • My favorite strategy for creating life-long clients.
  • How to break into existing online markets and take more market share.
  • The formula for creating 'hyper-niche' offers.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling that the online space is SO CROWDED and there is so much noise, its hard to stand out.

Today, let’s fix that and help you take some of that market share.

Last year when META rolled out the Threads app, I was excited because I thought it could be a fresh start for me as far as finding NEW thought leaders and not the same old ones that I see EVERYWHERE.

I wanted to see people like YOU!

I didn’t follow any of the big names in the personal development, coaching, mindset, or marketing space, only people that I knew.

But guess who...

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Mastering LinkedIn Algorithm: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

It was exactly 3 years ago that I was struggling and struggling to get going on LinkedIn. 

I remember I’d post something that I though was profound and yet I would get crickets. 

1-5 likes, 0 to 3 comments (see my screen shot below of when I first started).  

It went on like this for months, I almost gave up. Then I started figuring out how to trigger the algorithm. 

After that my connections, engagement and enjoyment on the platform skyrocketed! 

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what the algorithm is looking for and bump their heads up against the wall like I did, then think that their content sucks or that their audience isn’t there and then give up on what could be 6 figures of business. 

Did you know that LinkedIn’s algorithm will throw your content into what’s called a ‘Spam Bucket’ and you won’t even know it (other than your posts are getting crickets)? 

Here are 5 common mistakes...

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