Struggling With Clarity Around Your Niche?

Learn how to find a  highly profitable niche that aligns with your passion and skillset.


The number one reason why coaches and course creators fail to make money is because they lack clarity on who they help and how they help them.

Use this 4 lesson mini-training to help you get crystal clear on your niche, your headline & your dream client!

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Learn How To Dominate Your Niche!

"A jack of all trades is a master of none."

  • Did you know that 'mindset coach', 'life coach', 'success coach', 'business coach' are not niches? 
  • Learn what the 3 most profitable markets are, then find a sub market, then niche down again. 
  • Learn how to find a niche that is in demand, something that lights you up, and something that you have authority or skills in!
  • Charge more for your services when you become a specialist!
  • Set yourself apart as a professional instead of blending in with the masses. 

"The Riches Are In The Niches!"

"I can charge $99-997 for a course on productivity & organization. If I do 'How to stay organized as a busy professional'...i can charge $997-1497. If I do 'How to stay organized as a Medical Sales Professional so I can generate Million Dollar deals'...I can charge $10k for that." Sales Legend Marcus Chan (Best Selling Author of 6 Figure Sales Secrets)

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After This Training You Will…

  • Have Built Your Dream Client Profile
  • Perfected Your Elevator Pitch
  • Be Confident To Attack Your Segment Of The Market!

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Nail Your Niche Workshop!

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You Are Ready To Start Standing Out As A Coach, Consultant Or Course Creator?

This 4-lesson workshop was created because lack of clarity is the number one roadblock that many coaches have. You’ll learn how to:

  • Sell an offer before building it.
  • Feel more confident when you talk to potential clients.
  • Validate your ideas using social media.
  • Be able to tell someone in 15 seconds or less what you do. 
  • Help your clients know how you help them instead of just 'what you do'. 

With a few simple exercises and action items, you'll be ready to embrace the professional inside of you!

What's Included In The Workshop...

Lesson 1: 

Know What Your Niche Is:

Start by understanding the difference between a niche, your dream client and your service:

  • The 3 Core Markets for online sales
  • Defining your niche
  • Profit Potential, Pain Points, Expertise & Passion

You’ll finish this lesson with an exercise to help you find a niche that lights you up and that you can sell. 

Lesson 2

Crafting Your Elevator Pitch:

When someone asks you what you do, can you clearly answer in 15 seconds or less?

  • How to create your perfect elevator pitch or 'one liner'.
  • Use it in your social profiles, website, emails and in person.
  • Elevator pitch variations and adding in power words that evoke emotion. 

You’ll finish this lesson with a headline that gives you confidence!

Lesson 3

Create Your Ideal Client Profile:

You can speak directly to your DREAM client much better when you step into their shoes!

  • Create your ideal client profile using our journaling prompts.
  • Use the 'Bubble' Exercise to map out a year's worth of content that speaks directly to them. 
  • Where to research your ideal client's pain points. 

You’ll finish this lesson with a complete profile of your DREAM client!

Lesson 4

Sell Your Offer Before You Build It: 

I know that sounds crazy right? In this lesson I'll break down how to:

  • Tease your audience with your offer to test the strength of the idea.
  • Breakdown how I've sold 2 courses before building them. 
  • Show you how to make money with just an email, Facebook Group and (Paypal/Venmo)

This one training alone is worth 100x the amount I am charging for this workshop!


Get The Inside Scoop! 

I want to overdeliver for you so I've got a nice little bonus stack for you:

  • 41 page Finding Clarity Workbook to help you with creating your niche and avatar!
  • Scripts I've used to validate and presell courses + examples. 
  • Behind the scenes of how I'm validating an offer right now using someone else's audience!

This Workshop Is For You If...

  • Have a hard time explaining your niche.
  • Fumble when someone asks what you do.
  • Launched offers that failed.
  • Need more confidence in your sales process.
  • Frequently changed your niche. 
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I'm Simon Parsons

I started my first online business in 2005 brokering car racing products. It did well for a while but then failed in the years after the great recession. With no other options, I pivoted to sales where I worked for a Fortune 500 Company and achieved Presidents Club for 8 out of 9 years (top 10%).

During COVID, hospitals shut down for several months and to protect myself I made another pivot, into the coaching world. I got my dream shot using LinkedIn as a platform for growth, and worked with some of the top names in coaching and marketing. Now I have the honor of helping other coaches, consultants and course creators on their journey to create sustainable and scalable businesses that they love!

"I have taken many courses, from many different mentors, however Simon has been the most memorable for me, since he has always been authentic and truly wants to help us succeed. Simon isn't arrogant like other mentors, and leads with his heart.

He is a true leader, because he walks his talk, and is there to provide support when you need it most. 

Anyone would be blessed to make contact with Simon. He truly is a gem in the minefield of over-promising mentors and fly-by-night viral marketeers."

- Roman Shapoval

"Simon has been a coach and mentor in my life for over a year now and words cannot describe the impact he has had on my personal & professional life! Simon has helped me grow my business to the point where I absolutely LOVE what I do each day, I have the FREEDOM to travel, & I am making the most money I have ever made in my life!

Could not recommend working with Simon more as he embodies what it means to be an authentic leader and is always willing to help."

- David Jachetta

"Simon has never stopped over delivering value to my life, both personally and professionally. The impact he has had on my life has only grown stronger, and now I am seeing the ripple effect this is having on the lives of those around me.

I started my coaching business because I wanted to have a deep and meaningful impact on the lives of others who had been through similar experiences as mine. I wasn’t prepared for how deeply moving it can be to be on the receiving end of that. 

- Nick Ferguson

Nail Your Niche


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  • Know What Your Niche Is
  • Craft Your Perfect Headline 
  • Build Your Dream Client Profile
  • Sell Offers Before Creating Them
  • 42 Page Clarity Workbook

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