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How Solopreneurs Can Generate Leads Like Successful Sales Organizations

I want to make it easier for you to close more deals and bring in more cashflow into your business.  

In this article I’m going to share with you my favorite way to get clients to ‘raise their hand’ and self-identify so you can help them with your offers.  

Many of you know that I’m a sales professional with a 10-year proven track record of closing an average of $3.6 million in deals every year. 

There have been times where I’ve been called an ‘anomaly’ in sales because I do things so differently, and by that, I mean I don’t cold prospect’. 

I'm not an anomaly though, I just use content marketing to attract clients instead of chasing them with cold outreach. 

Last week, one of the cringeworthy strategies that I talked about in my blog post '9 Sales Strategies To Avoid If You Want To Close More Deals' is the ‘stalker method’. 

Just to recap, the ‘stalker method’...

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Winning Digital Marketing Trends For 2024: Creating Hyper-Niche Offers

If you are a coach or a consultant in the online space, its getting harder and harder to stand out in 2024. In this article I'll share with you:

  • How to stand out in oversaturated and over-farmed markets in the online space.
  • My favorite strategy for creating life-long clients.
  • How to break into existing online markets and take more market share.
  • The formula for creating 'hyper-niche' offers.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling that the online space is SO CROWDED and there is so much noise, its hard to stand out.

Today, let’s fix that and help you take some of that market share.

Last year when META rolled out the Threads app, I was excited because I thought it could be a fresh start for me as far as finding NEW thought leaders and not the same old ones that I see EVERYWHERE.

I wanted to see people like YOU!

I didn’t follow any of the big names in the personal development, coaching, mindset, or marketing space, only people that I knew.

But guess who...

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Why You Should Stop Worrying About High Income & Net Worth And Focus On Passive Income

In this article I'll be talking about: 

  • How the financial system programs people to live in scarcity. 
  • How the biggest financial guru's are not practicing what they teach. 
  • Why I shifted my business to a passive income model. 
  • How to escape the financial rat race by building cash flowing assets. 

Last year I made the decision to stop doing high ticket coaching in favor of creating a more ‘passive’ business model that allowed for cashflow to consistently come in regardless of if I was present in my business or not.

I was making great money with coaching & consulting, but I realized that if I kept going on the current path then I was enabling myself to trade high dollars for less freedom.

The game is rigged.

We all seek to improve our financial situation by acquiring money. At a basic level it takes care of our needs such as food, warmth, and shelter.

Once that is taken care of, we are free to pursue what we want with more flexibility.


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Mastering High-Ticket Sales: A Guide to Nurturing Leads and Boosting Revenue in 2024

Today I wanted to share with you how I close high ticket sales with ease by using a lead nurturing technique that I learned from digital marketing, I like to call this LEAD FLOW

First, let me explain big picture of HOW this framework works:

The biggest thing that I’ve learned in sales & marketing over the last 10 years is that most people, that is if you are selling higher ticket offers of $2k and above, are NOT ready to buy from you when they first stumble across your great post on social media or hear you on a podcast.

People are leaving lifetime clients and sales on the table because they are ignoring what I call the ‘nurture’ period where you build the KLT factor (know, like and trust).

During this nurture period, you can get highly intentional about helping a client become aware of (you, their problem and potential solutions), then interested in doing something about it, which then moves to DESIRE, and lastly acting (buying).

For many including...

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How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency In 2024

Want to start a digital marketing agency in 2024? What if I told you that you could run this from anywhere in the world, completely remote, and be a digital nomad? 

In this article I'll show you the exact digital marketing business I would build if I were starting from scratch, and share a very special app that I would use it for!

I’ll show you an incredible and demand driven strategy in just a second, but let me give you some context first:  

One thing I LOVE doing is being on the lookout for ‘problems’ that can be solved, then creating a solution, then making money by solving that problem. 

That’s one of the reasons why I created a course showing people step by step on how to build out the most crucial parts of an online business (email list, lead magnets, courses, sales & checkout pages) using my favorite ‘all in one app’ for coaches & course creators: Kajabi.  

People fear tech. Kajabi...

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7 Passive Income Streams To Create In 2023

Here are 7 ways to make passive income that don't require purchasing, storing or shipping anything, can be ran from anywhere in the world, can be done part time or while you have a job. These are all streams I've created in the last year and only required a few hours from me per week.

1 - Amazon Influencer program - allows you to create 'shoppable videos', basically demo's or videos of products sold on Amazon, they will place them on the product page and if someone watches then buys, you can make between 2-8% commission. Check out my YouTube playlist about the Amazon Influencer Program here! 

What's amazing is I did video reviews on all of my favorite Amazon items in my house, we knocked 200+ video's out in about 45 days. I took the entire month of June off (and most of July) and I'm making around $600 per month in straight passive income that will continue to grow over time as I add more videos. 

2 - Amazon Associate program - anyone can make a small commission...

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Create A Digital Course Outline In 1 Minute


Have you ever had a good idea and wanted to monetize it? Today I'll share some tips and best practices on taking that knowledge and turn it into a digital course that can provide some extra income in 2023!

I am a HUGE advocate of Digital Courses and they have changed my life both as a consumer and a creator.

In my first 'real' online business back in 2005 selling automotive racing products, I learned the ropes of selling online, but eventually the business crashed because I was selling merchandise that anyone can sell, thus it became a race to the bottom on margins.

The cool thing about monetizing your knowledge is it can be scaled infinitely and your personal brand is something that can't be taken away.

Yes there will be others teaching what you know, but not in your unique way, also you can cultivate a following and provide solutions (or expose problems) that your audience might not know they had.

Here is a really cool AI tool that can help you take a topic...

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6 Steps On How To Create An Online Business In 2023!

Starting an online information-based business can be a great way to make money and have an impact on your community. But with so many different facets, where do you even begin?

In this blog post, we'll discuss the steps required to launch an online information based business as well as all the different offers that can be created such as video tutorials, online courses, e-books, webinars, articles & blog posts, membership sites, group coaching sessions, live coaching sessions and paid podcasts.

1. Choose a Niche or Market – First things first, you need to decide what type of information your business will provide and understand the needs, wants, and desires of those in that market. This will help you tailor your content and services to meet the specific needs of your target audience.

If you are having a hard time knowing your ideal audience or niche, grab my Nail Your Niche workshop and get some clarity around who you can help and how you can help them (plus know the...

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How to turn your knowledge into cash that pays you over and over

I want to share my passion for building digital courses with you and give you some tips on how to get started or even just get curious.

Digital courses are great because you can use your knowledge (even if you know 20% more than the average person on a topic) and there will be people who will pay you to help them get to the next few steps.

The cool thing is that once you create the content, you can sell them over and over again and create passive income. Plus they can be scaled into the millions!

I actually know a 2nd grade teacher that created a course that helped other 2nd grade teachers (yes you read that correctly, other 2nd grade teachers....not teachers of any grade) with student material) who has scaled her course into the high 6 figures.

Additionally digital courses can be created while you have a full time job, they don't require much overhead or storing products, it isn't a race to the bottom like competing with Amazon or Ebay (been there) and all the tools you need are...

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