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What is up Digital Entrepreneurs! Simon Parsons of the High Value Skills Podcast here....

One question I always get is 'what apps do you use' for your (email marketing, lead magnets, courses, website, sales pages, blog, podcast, community and checkout pages)?

Tech is a nightmare for so many people and 'not knowing where to start' leads to overwhelm, frustration and lack of action. 

The good thing is I can do everything in one place (with ease) using the online business platform Kajabi! 

For several years I've used this app to:

  • Make money through courses, email marketing, evergreen offers that sell when I'm sleeping, paid challenges and 1x1 consulting/coaching. 
  • Save money because I don't have to use 10 different apps for billing, marketing, emails, websites, hosting my courses and more. 
  • Save time because everything is connected together in an easy to use ecosystem (no need to switch back and forth between expensive apps).
  • Reduce overwhelm let me share a secret with you, tech scares the hell out of me. I avoid new apps but with Kajabi its simple to create and update instead of having to reach out to some web guy every time I need to make a small change.
  • Grow my email list - The best digital marketers in the world always talk about their biggest mistake was waiting years to start an email list. Luckily, I listened and started mine early and now it pays dividends and fuels my online business!
  • Stop trading time for money - Kajabi has allowed me to get off the 'time traded' model of 1x1 coaching. I can automate and scale which lets me spend more time with my family and do the things I love! 

I will teach you exactly how to build out your most important Digital Assets in your business in 5 days! Once you have set these up, you'll have learned how to use Kajabi and now take that time and energy to start building your Online Empire by growing your list, creating offers and selling while you are a sleep! 

Step 1 is to grab your free 30 day trial of Kajabi (make sure you use this link to get credit for the free course and a longer free trial).

Step 2 After you've signed up for the free 30 day Kajabi trial then click the button below to activate. If you are already a Kajabi user but need some training on how to use it, no problem, you can purchase this course too!

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Want to see behind the scenes on how I use Kajabi?

On this video I'll show you behind the scenes of how I use Kajabi as well as all the features that I love including building courses, building my main website, creating a blog, creating lead magnets and growing my email list, how I create evergreen products to make money while I am sleeping. Grab the free 30 day trial then get going!

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Sick of trying to manage multiple platforms for your coaching biz?

Not only does it cost more to be juggling 6 different apps at once, how do you get them to talk together? With Kajabi you can eliminate a scheduling app for 1x1 & group coaching, a community app, a video hosting platform for your course, a funnel software and an email service provider.

Keep everything in one place and save yourself both money, headaches and the learning curve of managing so many apps!

Build Your Online Empire With Kajabi In 5 Days!

I've got a 5 day challenge that you can access (more on that below) but here is what I show you to do in just 5 days! I will literally walk you through step by step on how to set up your site to take payments, how to create your email list, how to build a lead magnet, how to build a course and then how to create your sales & checkout pages! After that, you'll be a pro!

Day 1: Set Up Your Site

Today we'll show you how to get all set up in Kajabi including choosing your site name and adding in some basic information that can be changed later. If you have an existing site or domain, you can transfer over or us Kajabi's domain. We'll also set up your payments!

Day 2: Set Up Your Email List

On Day 2 we'll have you set up your email list and be one of the few business owners that actually do this! We'll have you upload your existing contacts (if you have them) then we'll teach you about email broadcasts and sequences; as well as how to create automations. I'll even throw in a guide on how to craft attention grabbing email subject lines!

Day 3: Create A Killer Lead Magnet!

On Day 3 I'll teach you how to start filling up your email list with qualified buyers by helping you create a mouth watering lead magnet. We'll cover how to build a landing page, create a thank you page, plus a confirmation email or sequence that goes out to your new subscribers! I'll also give you my templates that you can easily upload and customize to make it super easy!

Day 4: Build Your Online Course!

On Day 4 we'll use a little AI that is integrated in Kajabi to create a course outline for your future course. The goal is to get everything set up and then you can customize now or come back to it later, but either way you have a course, mini course or challenge in place for whenever you want to start using it!

Day 5: Sales & Checkout Pages!

On Day 5 I'll show you how to create and craft a compelling sales page such as the one that you are on right now. You can use my templates and customize to your liking or use one from Kajabi's gallery, or you can start from scratch like the page that you are looking at right now! You'll also be able to build a checkout pages that allows people to pay for your offer and then get access to it. 

Ready to get started and build your online business?

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  • Intro to Kajabi
  • 3 Ways to get Kajabi paid for!
  • Day 1: Set up your account & payments.
  • Day 2: Set up your email list.
  • Day 3: Set up your lead magnet.
  • Day 4: Set up an online course.
  • Day 5: Set up your sales & checkout page.
  • Hook Formulas: 100+ attention grabbing headline formulas you can use for email marketing & more!
  • A-Z Guide To Doing Business Online!
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  • Intro to Kajabi
  • 3 Ways to get Kajabi paid for!
  • Day 1: Set up your account & payments.
  • Day 2: Set up your email list.
  • Day 3: Set up your lead magnet.
  • Day 4: Set up an online course.
  • Day 5: Set up your sales & checkout page.
  • Hook Formulas: 100+ attention grabbing headline formulas you can use for email marketing & more!
  • A-Z Guide To Doing Business Online!

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