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Building Trust with Clients: The Simple Question Technique

Just wanted to drop you a little ‘nugget’ of the week from my sales arsenal.  

I want to share with you 2 open ended questions that I love asking my clients or potential clients. They are simple questions that build trust and really set you off on the best foot and prepare you for a great relationship. 

This can be done with existing clients or in the discovery phase. 

I want you to ask them about their previous experience with working with anyone that did something similar to you. For example, if you are a coach you would say: 

“When working with a coach in the past, what were some of the things you like about working with them?” 

Try and  open them up by saying ‘tell me more about that’ and you’ll be able to find a lot about how they like to be worked with. Follow it up by: 

“What are some things you disliked about working with them?” 

This will help you stay ahead of things that may have triggered them in the past or didn’t work for them and gives you a solid understanding of how they like to be taught, lead, coached, etc.  

They may say they’ve never worked with a (whatever you do) before, but that’s ok, just you taking the time to ask them this question shows that you care. 

It’s quick, simple and open ended and helps you stay ahead of potential landmines. For example if they felt their previous coach ‘never listened and always talked’, you now know that and not just avoid it, but be more careful to be an active listener. 

Ok, on to the next.  

Did you create your Ultimate Wealth Identity? On Sunday Night I dropped an episode or the Mindset Hackers Podcast with Former Wall Street Lawyer Hana Dhanji who now uses psychology and NLP to teach traders how to execute under high stress and volatile conditions. 

She gave a 5-step process to unlock your ‘Ultimate Wealth Identity’, and this isn’t just for traders, this is something I have incorporated into my morning meditation. This episode is on track to be the number one most downloaded episode of my podcast after just 3 days.  

You can listen to this right now on Apple, Spotify and YouTube. Grab a pen and paper and do the exercise, its awesome! 

Here are a few comments left by listeners:  

I had to listen to the whole thing, I could not get enough, Hana, was pure joy and truth Simon, wonderful guest, thank you! 

Solid Gold! Hana is the Wendy Rhodes of this show today! 

I noticed a change already; my first waking thought today was I wonder what I’ll bring today that will make my future wonderful. 

 Ok, I’m off to go crush this day as I hope you are! Go out there and get it because you have lives to change and an impact to be made!


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