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My $36 Million Sales Script For Business To Consumer Sales

Today I wanted to share with you my EXACT sales script that I use to easily close deals with no pressure, without being sales-ey or sleazy. Make sure you save this so you can revisit this at a later time.

This formula gets me a ton of results and I used this script to hit Presidents Club in Sales for 8 out of 9 years in a $2 billion Fortune 500 company and close $36 million in B2C deals. In full transparency, it's not an actual script, it’s more like a flow with a few key elements and you can use it to create your own sales script. 

One of my big mantras in sales (this also goes for coaching and leadership as well) is ‘talk less, listen more’ and it’s a great recipe.  

The first thing I do, unlike a lot of people in sales who ‘pound the pavement’ or ‘dial for dollars’ is that I use digital marketing (content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing) to get people to book calls with me instead of chasing them. 

If you are my free Digital Entrepreneur newsletter, I’ll cover that process at another time.  

In a nutshell, if someone ends up on a call with me, they have found me and they’ve likely been through an intentional process where I’ve: 

1) Added value and given some wins. 

2) Built KLT (the Know, Like & Trust factor).  

3) Qualified them on some level, meaning I’ve been intentional about WHO this call is for and who it is NOT for, and the purpose of the call.  

Right off the bat I’ve positioned myself to close the sale before we’ve even hopped on the call.  

Now, let’s say we’ve both hopped onto Zoom, what does it look like from here?  

Part 1 - Build Rapport: 

This is super easy when you know how to do it.  I love using ‘connection points’ or dropping conversational nuggets. 

Connection points are things that you and the client have in common and are easy to find. If you check out their social media profiles or something in their content, it’s so easy to find something that you both have in common and an easy starting point for the conversation. 

This is kind of cheesy but if you can’t think of a connection point, you can just make a quick comment about how nice/bad the weather is and that will almost always lead into as short back and forth about the weather and where they/you live.  

Then, I ask them ‘how did you find me’ or ‘how did you make your way to my scheduling app’ which is great for understanding how they found you (awesome data to have) but even better is 70% of the time this open ended question will lead right into the problem that they need solved. 

Part 2 – What they want:  

If they haven’t already told me by now, this is the point where I get very intentional about finding out what it is that they are hoping to achieve (desired outcome). 

There are several ways to make this happen, I’ve even done full on visualizations before but really it comes down to having them describe what their ideal future would like if they got what they wanted.  

This is great because it starts to bring emotion into the call, and literally ‘paint a picture’ in their head.  

Some people hold back, some people let it flow; but it’s important to use supporting questions to peel back the layers. Make sure it’s vivid and don’t leave it vague like ‘I want to make more money’.  

‘When you say you want to make more money, what do you mean by that?’ and so on. Get them to open up and tell you their vision.  

Part 3 – Why they want it:  

After I know what it is that they want, I find out WHY that is important to them. If the ‘what’ is the desired outcome, then the ‘why’ is the pain point that they are trying to move away from.  

If you listened to my High Value Skills podcast from 2 weeks ago titled “The 2 Reasons Why People Buy Anything” available on Spotify and Apple, I talked about how the reasons why anybody takes action boils down to moving away from some type of pain or discomfort and moving towards some type of pleasure or desired outcome.  

Thank you, Tony Robbins, for helping me understand that! 

Now you have the pain and the pleasure. I’d also recommend finding out why they want to act now and what has prevented them from getting it before for a truly accurate picture of their situation. 

So far, you’ve mostly asked questions and did NO selling.  

Part 4 – The How:  

Now that I know WHAT they want, and WHY they want it, now is the time to give the solution. This is the HOW, this is your process, your prescription, your formula.  

I recap everything they’ve told me to make sure I understand it correctly. 

Then I ask them if they are truly ready to make the change and what they are willing to do to get it. If you have done this correctly, they are ready to take action and often will ask you for next steps. 

Either way, this is the point where you present your solution and close the sale.  

Part 5 – Objections:  

If they don’t move forward, they may have some objections, but you do not need to RUN from these! Your best clients could be here!  

This is a place to hold space for your client because they may be experiencing some lack of clarity, or some limiting beliefs may be coming to the surface.  

Objections are opportunities! If you need help with this so you can stop leaving money (and lifetime clients) on the table, I’d recommend you grab my Objection Roadmaps that show the most common objections and how to navigate them (includes a work book and bonus vids).  

OK, so that’s my not so scripty script of how I’ve closed over $36 million in sales over the last 10 years and it works! 

PS: Don’t forget to catch my episodes on the Psychology of Sales and Why People Buy on the High Value Skills Podcast on Apple & Spotify, I've covered these in much greater detail on my podcast. 

These are all intended to help you get better at sales and feel more comfortable and natural with it so you can make more money and help more clients in your business! 


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