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My $36 Million Sales Script For Business To Consumer Sales

Today I wanted to share with you my EXACT sales script that I use to easily close deals with no pressure, without being sales-ey or sleazy. Make sure you save this so you can revisit this at a later time.

This formula gets me a ton of results and I used this script to hit Presidents Club in Sales for 8 out of 9 years in a $2 billion Fortune 500 company and close $36 million in B2C deals. In full transparency, it's not an actual script, it’s more like a flow with a few key elements and you can use it to create your own sales script. 

One of my big mantras in sales (this also goes for coaching and leadership as well) is ‘talk less, listen more’ and it’s a great recipe.  

The first thing I do, unlike a lot of people in sales who ‘pound the pavement’ or ‘dial for dollars’ is that I use digital marketing (content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing) to get people to book calls with...

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How to Turn Objections Into Opportunities: The Ultimate Workbook

Last year I kept getting this question: How do you Overcome objections? 

I thought to myself “Well, I don’t ‘overcome’ objections; I ALIGN with the client.” 

I make sure I understand what the real core issue is, ask them the right questions then give them the right solution.  

I thought to myself about how some of my BEST students, the raving fans, the cheerleaders, were part of my community because I took the time to ALIGN with them instead of trying to ‘overcome’ them.  

I started to jot down some examples of how to do this.  

I started to write down all the most common objections that come up. 

I started to create some ‘roadmaps’ of what to ask.  

I started creating a ‘workbook’ about how to turn objections into opportunities. 

Months went by and it was an unfinished project.  

I got a life-threatening bacterial infection in my arm in March...

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