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Mastering High-Ticket Sales: A Guide to Nurturing Leads and Boosting Revenue in 2024

Today I wanted to share with you how I close high ticket sales with ease by using a lead nurturing technique that I learned from digital marketing, I like to call this LEAD FLOW

First, let me explain big picture of HOW this framework works:

The biggest thing that I’ve learned in sales & marketing over the last 10 years is that most people, that is if you are selling higher ticket offers of $2k and above, are NOT ready to buy from you when they first stumble across your great post on social media or hear you on a podcast.

People are leaving lifetime clients and sales on the table because they are ignoring what I call the ‘nurture’ period where you build the KLT factor (know, like and trust).

During this nurture period, you can get highly intentional about helping a client become aware of (you, their problem and potential solutions), then interested in doing something about it, which then moves to DESIRE, and lastly acting (buying).

For many including myself, this process seemed difficult to understand or be intentional about.

For years I would get leads coming my way and either they were ready to go, or they weren’t.

I didn’t pay attention to the courting process; it seemed like too much anyway because I was busy.

I left millions of dollars on the table by doing this. Don’t do what I did for years, be smarter than me.

Here’s the thing though is a lot of the nurture process can be highly automated with just a little more work (I didn’t see this before).

Let’s start with these 4 milestones of the customer journey:

Awareness – you create content around a certain topic on social media, someone finds it, likes your posts or engages with it, or follows you on social media. They may also never see your content again because the lead isn’t captured.

Interest – asking your audience to make a small micro commitment of exchanging their contact information for something of value that you can offer them. This offering is called a lead magnet and does 3 things: signals that they have a problem that needs to be solved, and it also gives you the ability to create a closer and more intimate relationship with them via direct communication.

It also protects you from the ‘slap’ (when an algorithm or platform b*tch slaps you and cuts off your communication to your audience). This was my biggest mistake with my first online business in 2005, I used Google to dominate the search rankings but NEVER thought of creating an email list to market to.

When I fell out of the top rankings due to algorithm changes, my business cratered. I could have prevented this with this strategy, just like the 8 people I know that had their Instagram profiles wiped out and years of work flushed down the drain could have prevented.

Desire – Now that you have created awareness & interest, you can use your email list to create pop up webinars, events, challenges, weekly newsletters, mini/micro courses, courses so further position your clients to buy from you again and again.

What I love about mini/micro courses and challenges are they are great ways t get PAID to actually moving your audience into position to be a high ticket client.

An example of this is my Nail Your Niche course. The reason why I designed this is because I realized I can’t help 1x1 or group coaching clients with making money online IF they weren’t clear on things like their niche, ideal client, value proposition and messaging.

So I created a low ticket course that solves that problem, makes me passive income, shields me from questions and moves that person closer to being a H/T client.

Action – This is the point where your client is not just open to buying from you, they are asking you what next steps are (aka ‘take my money’).

Since I’ve learned to properly nurture my clients, by the time they hop on a call with me, I’ve:

  • Created awareness of their problems.
  • Properly qualified them or filtered them out of my pipeline.
  • I’ve cultivated trust & social proof.
  • I’ve addressed concerns and objections.

Most of the time when I hope on a 'strategy call' (this is what I call a sales call because it sounds, well, les sales-ey or sterile than a 'discovery call'); I can tell them exactly what they need to do to get the result that they want then present the sale to them which they usually take me up on .

How to do this in your business.

This is EXACTLY why I love using the ‘all in one’ app for coaches and digital entrepreneurs, it does the heavy lifting and nurturing for me and all in one place (instead of using 6 different apps).

The app is called Kajabi and it allows me to drive traffic from my social media content where ‘people come and go’ to my email list where I can share valuable content with you such as behind the scenes, case studies, how I did this, testimonials, etc.

I like to think of my email list like a coaching session for any of you reading this. I try to share one highly valuable concept or lesson to my list each week to be consistently building the KLT factor.

I also love building things like lead magnets (you can see a list of them here) and use them in 50% of my social media posts to drive traffic from the platform (awareness) to my list (interest).

I also use Kajabi to help me build courses & mini courses, these are a great way to educate people on topics and make passive income while furthering them along that customer journey (creating desire).

If you are wanting to onboard more high ticket 1x1 clients this is what a good lead flow could look like:

  1. Create content on social media with call to action to grab a lead magnet (micro-commitment).
  2. Lead is created automatically which triggers a sequence of emails that nurtures the client. 
  3. Nurture sequence helps create more awareness, interest, desire, addresses common objections.
  4. Survey – ask them what they are struggling with and what they want (micro-commitment #2).

    Other options would be an evergreen product such as an automated webinar, challenge, mini course, etc.

  5. Offer a strategy call (sales call), then close on a high ticket offer. See my $36 million sales script here.

Think about this for a second…they are literally telling you what they are struggling with and what they want.

All of the above can be completely automated and you can see exactly what actions were taken which also helps you gauge interest, and this is all before even trying to sell anything.

Also, micro-commitments create more investment on their end an make selling even easier.

OK, so this email went a little long but I want to wrap this email up with the reminder that I can literally show you how to do this with my Free “Build Your Online Empire In Kajabi” course that you get if you sign up using my affiliate link.

Nurturing your clients along is a game changer. Automating it is GOD level.


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