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There are people searching to find you and saying, ‘Take my money’!!!!  

But are you putting yourself in a position to ‘be found’? More on this in a sec, but let me tell you why this is important:  

In the mid-2000s I was at the point of bankruptcy when sh*t hit the fan for me. I had accrued almost $100k in mostly credit card debt because of poor lifestyle choices and bad investments.  

It was a shameful moment when I looked in the mirror and realized what I had gotten myself into. But it was also the moment when I took 100% ownership of the mistakes I had made and commit to paying it all off, even if it took me the rest of my life.  

Over the next year, I created my first online business and was able to pay ALL of it off within a year. Want to know how I did it? 

I created my first online business and used SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank in the first 3 spots on Google. I set up accounts with manufacturers that made high-performance products for cars (think “Fast & The Furious” in the early days). 

I’d build web pages that were optimized for search and Google would put me right in front of clients, they would purchase off my site and I would send the order to the manufacturer and they would ship it for me. I could work from home and never once saw (let alone had to warehouse) a product that I sold.  

Eventually, the business crashed because of both changes in SEO and the smaller and smaller margins of these products as eBay and Amazon grew.  

SEO is the strategy that saved me when I was in my worst financial situation ever. SEO is still alive and strong, with plenty of opportunities for you to get right in front of your clients.  

The truth is, I haven’t been as focused on SEO thinking that it would be hard to get traffic from Google because of 2 decades and millions of new and abandoned webpages being added to the web, how could Google find me?  

But if I look at my analytics over the last 30 days, I can see that my blog & blog posts are getting a decent chunk of traffic! On top of that, old videos of mine have been gaining traction on YouTube. Also, I’ve just started learning about how ‘Pinterest’ is a ‘visual search engine’ (if you have an account, please follow me on my new account and I’ll follow you back).  

I also have good reason to believe that Spotify is going to be a big SEO play with all the investments into podcasting so I’m positioning myself to take advantage of this.  

So how can you get more intentional about SEO? Create a cheat sheet! This morning I spent some time getting outside of my ‘bubble’ by doing what I call the bubble exercise (photo below) to create an SEO Cheat Sheet.  

The bubble exercise is something I teach in some of my courses and is a great way to get outside of your own perspective and into that of your client or audience for both content and SEO. 

During the bubble exercise, start by writing down you main topic (business, podcast, niche) right in the middle of a page and circle it, that’s the main bubble. Then you’ll come up with 3 to 5 broad topics that you talk about often, write them down, circle them and draw spokes from your main bubble. These are your content ‘buckets’ or pillars. 

Next, you’ll want to make a bunch of bubbles that branch off those 3-5 content buckets. Brainstorm as many ‘keywords’ as you can think of off the top of your head. 

Now you have what you think your clients or audience is looking for. Here’s where it gets fun: 

Use Chat GPT or the Google Keyword Planner to find out what your audience is ACTUALLY looking for. Type in the words you put down in your 3 to 5 content buckets and some of the words that you wrote down that branch off. 

See what keywords come up and add the ones that you aren’t thinking of to your Cheat Sheet. Now keep this handy for when you are creating content and optimizing your pages. 

Make sure you are utilizing the words in those original 3 to 5 buckets (the ones that branch off the main bubble) in pages that do not change, like your profile pages on social media, website or podcast description. 

All the ones that branch off the 3 to 5 content buckets, use those keywords often in the content that you are building out, but make sure to use words organically and do not ‘keyword stuff’.  

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