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Mastering Clear Communication: Tips for Crafting Irresistible Messages

One of my big themes of 2023, to help people get crystal clear on their messaging when it comes to putting out social media content, describing their business and also creating irresistible offers.  

A big problem that people have as experts in their field, is as they get deeper into their specialization, they start to communicate in a way that keeps their audience from understanding what it is that they do.  

Here’s a few tips to keep your communication clear and easy to understand: 

1 – Keep it short. In this day and age, realize that people are constantly bombarded by 5 different forms of social media, advertising, business and personal email, DM’s on several platforms. It can be absolutely OVERWHELMING for most people. The best thing you can do is to keep your messaging as short as possible.  

2 – Avoid Industry Jargon. Sometimes I see people who flaunt their industry lingo to sound cool but what they are...

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Boost Your Visibility and Sales with Effective SEO Strategies

There are people searching to find you and saying, ‘Take my money’!!!!  

But are you putting yourself in a position to ‘be found’? More on this in a sec, but let me tell you why this is important:  

In the mid-2000s I was at the point of bankruptcy when sh*t hit the fan for me. I had accrued almost $100k in mostly credit card debt because of poor lifestyle choices and bad investments.  

It was a shameful moment when I looked in the mirror and realized what I had gotten myself into. But it was also the moment when I took 100% ownership of the mistakes I had made and commit to paying it all off, even if it took me the rest of my life.  

Over the next year, I created my first online business and was able to pay ALL of it off within a year. Want to know how I did it? 

I created my first online business and used SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank in the first 3 spots on Google. I set up accounts with...

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How To Recover From An Online Mistake: Strategies For Digital Mishaps

Ah that feeling of anxiety when you mess up something online.  

The other day I blasted out an email without sending myself a test email, breaking one of my own rules and then after it goes out to +2k people I realize that I forgot to remove the headline in the template that says: 

“Paying for coaching is a waste of time” 

I’m sure some of my recipients were like…..this makes no sense? Well, that’s what happened, I went too fast and didn’t remove a headline from an email template that I set up. 

If you are doing business online its probably happened to you, if not, it will, but I thought I’d turn this into a fun blog post and share some stories and a few tips on how to recover from an online mistake. 

I'm talking about a social media blunder, sending out an incorrect link to an online event, email error or other forms of digital mishaps. 

I’ve been locked out of my Zoom account 2 minutes...

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How to create a professional LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is more than just a social networking platform for professionals - it's a website within one of the largest search directories in the world!

With over 800 million users, your LinkedIn profile has the potential to make a big impact on your career and your brand.

The first thing that people will check out is your profile page, and they will do it far before doing business with you so it's important to make a good first impression. 

Here are the 7 things I look for in a profile page when I am scoping out someone's profile:

  1. Make sure the headline tells what you do, who you help and how you help them. Don't just use your title.
  2. Completed About Section, this is a perfect place to tell a story about YOU! You can use your story to help people relate to the same struggles they are having. 
  3. Attractive headshot but not a stuffy one. I'm all for professional but make sure you don't look like a used car salesman. Make sure it reflects YOU.
  4. Use the featured section to send...
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How to validate (and make money) on an idea before you invest time or money in it

You already know 20% more about something than the average person.

People will pay you to help them close the gap from where they are to where you are.

You don’t need to be the absolute expert or guru in a field to teach others.

You just need to be a little bit ahead of others to do so, and it’s much easier than you think.

I’ve see it done over and over again by others and have done it myself.

But people don’t try because they overcomplicate the process.

You don’t need to ditch your job or invest money or time into an idea to see if it works.

In October of last year, I noticed that I had been getting a lot of people asking me various questions about LinkedIn.

At that same time I was going through a course to learn how to build digital courses because I was planning on building one about mindset.

I had only been active on LinkedIn for about 4 months at the time, but I had a lot of success and I knew I could teach others some good stuff.

I thought...

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