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Bad Advice From The High Ticket Gurus (Part 4)

More bad advice from the ‘High ticket Gurus’….

Three weeks ago, I sent out a newsletter about the HT Gurus beating the doors down with ‘charging your worth’ only to leave people begging for clients because they haven’t learned out to pave the pathway for that type of sale.

2 weeks ago I sent out a newsletter about how the HT Gurus telling people to ‘quit their jobs and go all in’ without having built the foundation in place to do so, leaving so many people stressed and operating in scarcity mode and often needing to go back to a job after feeling like a failure.

Last week I shared how the high-ticket gurus tell people that you are wasting time with low and mid ticket offers while there are people with $150 offers passing the million dollar mark.

The point of this series is to help you realize there are so many ways you can create a business that you love, without feeling guilty because you don’t fit into the expectations that these guys create.

On this last part of my series we’ll talk about how important it is to find the right formula that feels good for you. Not every strategy is a ‘one fit sized all’ solution.

Today is part 4 of “Bad advice from the high-ticket gurus”.

“You aren’t putting enough effort in”.

“You aren’t working hard enough”

“You aren’t doing the work”.

I’ve seen people cling to played out strategies that cause them to beat their heads against the wall over and over again.

They don’t want to be a ‘quitter’ and are told they just aren’t working hard enough, which just magnifies the guilt about not succeeding, and makes them push even harder.

In sales, we call this the ‘spray and pray’ method. Just push harder. Do more.

Here’s the thing, pushing harder won’t always make the difference.

If you’ve been part of one of my programs you know my success formula:

Knowledge + action – overthink = RESULTS.

I can find how to optimize any coaching business based on that formula.

If people are working their asses off and not getting the results, it is not an issue of taking more action.

It is that they have been given the wrong knowledge and are taking the wrong actions because of it.

There is a bias called ‘Sunken Cost Fallacy’ which means there are people who keep doubling down on an investment (or keep doing the wrong thing) because they have already put so much in.

The reason is the EGO wants you to not feel ashamed for making the wrong decision, and the high-ticket gurus shame you into feeling that way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people that buy courses and don’t take action then don’t get the results they are seeking, I call that ‘knowledge collecting’.

I’m not saying don’t take action. What I am saying is:

All feedback is good feedback.

Use feedback to improve your processes, build a bigger toolbox and use what works for you and your situation, not what made the high-ticket (or fake high-ticket) guru’s successful.

Go get it my friends and do it YOUR way!

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