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Bad Advice From The Coaching Gurus (Part 2)

Last week I dropped part one of ‘Bad advice from the Gurus), check it out here

This is part 2:  

‘Quit your job and go all in!’ 

Hold on for a sec, before you quit your job, understand this: 

The coaching and marketing gurus want you to hate your job. 

They want to sell you the coaching dream, and they want you to buy their high ticket offers.  

In marketing this is what we call ‘throwing stones at the bad guys.’ 

Politicians do this all the time. They leverage people’s emotions and create polarization.  

I often see people who jump in without the proper business or marketing foundations, thinking those 10k months are right around the corner, and so pumped to be changing lives.   

But they have severed their cash flow and then go into scarcity mode, with pressure amplifying and self-doubt growing.  

Eventually the pressure is so much they are broken and feel like failures. 

This could all be avoided by thinking ahead and creating a long ‘runway’ as my friend (7 figure sales & B2B coach) Marcus Chan did before he left his job. 

Marcus was already bringing in 7 figures in sales when he decided to make the transition, but he made sure that he created ‘area dominion’ and established his name in his niche before pulling the chute. 

He also had stock options that were vested. And he had proven his business model and offers.  

You may very well hate your job, but take a smart approach and not an emotional one. 

Your job may be a great resource for you and provide you with not only foundation income as you transition out but also skills like sales, marketing and networking.  

Depending on your company, you may also benefit from ‘educational reimbursements’ that allow you to do courses or trainings that are not at a college or university. This is one of my favorite benefits and probably one of the most under-utilized one.

You might also be able to scale out of the job by doing some contract work for your company for a while. 

Don’t cave into the coaching and marketing gurus priming you with advice that leaves you screwed over.

Make a well thought out plan for your exit. 

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