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Bad Advice From The Coaching Gurus (Part 1)

“Charge your worth” 

“It’s not about the money” 

“Raise your prices”  

“Go high ticket” 

Advice from the Gurus that often leaves coaches frustrated and desperate for sales month after month.

I've seen new coaches walk over money and clients because they've been shamed into charging high rates without creating the market to sustain it.

These same Guru’s usually have large followings and a high degree of social proof that allows them to do this much easier than a new or intermediate player in the game.  

I've also seen a 2nd grade teacher close in on 7 figures with a $99 offer using the right strategies.

Yes, charge your worth, charge high ticket, but only after you have earned that right.  

If you don’t have the big name, the big podcast, big Instagram account then:  

1 – Work your way up in both pricing and confidence. 

2 – Build up your testimonials and case studies.  

3 – Create offers at different price points that allow you to close deals, add value and build customer relationships.  

4 – Overdeliver like crazy and make the value far exceed whatever the price of your offer is.  

5 – Create free or low ticket offers or value adds that do not conflict with your core offer (you can see some of mine here) to build that ‘know, like and trust’ factor and help to create future clients. 

Gary V calls it Jab, Jab, Jab, Cross (give, give, give, ask).  

Alex Hormozi says it straight up in his content “I’m give you a ton of free value now in hopes that in the future you will be one of my bigger clients”.  

You certainly are ‘worth it’, but a new prospect doesn’t know you from every other person competing for your business.

Earn the right to sell higher ticket offers by being a badass in the game of overdelivering!

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