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Climbing the Value Ladder: Unlocking the Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Customers

Want to learn the secret sauce to creating a highly leveraged coaching business? 

I often get asked about how I created a 6 figure business using less than 10 hours per week and one of my favorite tools is using the Value Ladder. 

The "Value Ladder" is a concept popularized by Russell Brunson, a well-known internet marketer and author of the book "Expert Secrets." In essence, a value ladder is a visual representation of how your business can attract and retain customers by offering a range of products or services that increase in value and price as customers move up the ladder.

At the bottom of the ladder, you might offer a free or low-cost product or service, such as a free trial or a low-cost digital download. This is intended to attract new customers and introduce them to your business. As customers become more familiar with your brand and begin to trust you, they may be willing to move up the ladder to more expensive products or services.

For example, after a customer has tried your free trial, they may be willing to purchase a low-cost product such as an ebook. After they have seen the value in that, they may be willing to invest in a higher-priced course or coaching program. And finally, for your most loyal and high-paying customers, you might offer a high-end service or exclusive membership program.

The key to creating a successful value ladder is to ensure that each step up the ladder offers increasing value to the customer. This means that each product or service should be designed to solve a specific problem or meet a specific need for the customer, and should be priced accordingly.

In addition, it's important to have a clear marketing strategy in place to guide customers up the ladder. This might include email campaigns, webinars, or other forms of marketing that educate customers on the benefits of each step and encourage them to move up the ladder.

Overall, the value ladder is a powerful tool for any business looking to attract and retain customers. By offering a range of products or services that increase in value and price, you can create a loyal customer base that is willing to invest in your brand over time.

For me, this is what my value ladder looks like:

Free offers: I have several free trainings, PDFs or resources on this page, take a look to see what I mean. 

Low Ticket Offers ($1-299): I have evergreen low ticket offers that are a lower price point and easier barrier to entry such as my Nail Your Niche workshop and my LinkedIn Advantage Course

Medium Ticket Offers ($300-2k) These would be offers that have more extensive training or may include some live group training such as my Offer Launch Blueprint and my Leveraging LinkedIn course. 

High Ticket Offers ($2k up) These are my high level offerings where I do private consulting or 1x1 coaching and usually these clients have been through one of my courses before. 

One of my mentors talks a lot about 'meeting your customer where they are at' and not just trying to sell them on what you 'think' they will want. 

By establishing a value ladder, I give multiple 'entry points' to my eco-system and allow my clients to get to know me better. My goal is to build clients for a lifetime!


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