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How to Turn Objections Into Opportunities: The Ultimate Workbook

Last year I kept getting this question: How do you Overcome objections? 

I thought to myself “Well, I don’t ‘overcome’ objections; I ALIGN with the client.” 

I make sure I understand what the real core issue is, ask them the right questions then give them the right solution.  

I thought to myself about how some of my BEST students, the raving fans, the cheerleaders, were part of my community because I took the time to ALIGN with them instead of trying to ‘overcome’ them.  

I started to jot down some examples of how to do this.  

I started to write down all the most common objections that come up. 

I started to create some ‘roadmaps’ of what to ask.  

I started creating a ‘workbook’ about how to turn objections into opportunities. 

Months went by and it was an unfinished project.  

I got a life-threatening bacterial infection in my arm in March that halted work on it. Then we launched our Offer Launch Blueprint Accelerator in April.  

I went on vacation, then I lost my beautiful cat of 16 years and took some time to heal.  

But last week, I finally finished this project! My 70 page ‘How To Turn Objections Into Opportunities’ workbook is complete! 


Here is what it includes:

 My sales beliefs and core values.
 My 4 step process on how to turn objections to opportunities.
 My favorite 'open up' questions.
 The top 10 B2C objections and roadmaps on how to navigate them.
 Smokescreen objections.
 Urgency, timelines & consequences.
 Notes areas for you to pick what works for you and craft your own roadmaps. 

Yesterday I started recording some additional bonus videos and a member’s area because it might evolve into a full-on course.  

Whatever comes of it comes. But you can grab it right now and start using my roadmaps or creating your own.  

I want you to RECOVER some sales that would have been lost. I want you to gain some raving fans. I want you to create some lifetime clients.  

Grab it right now!

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