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Why High Ticket Sales Is Not A "Numbers Game"

One of the biggest myths I hear about high ticket sales is:  

“It’s a numbers game.” 

What that means is, theoretically, the more ‘touches’ a person makes such as outbound calls, texts, emails and DM’s, the more deals they will close.  

Grind it out. Commit to ‘x’ amount of touches per day, which will lead to ‘y’ amount of calls, which will amount to ‘z’ amount of deals closed.   

I call it the ‘spray and pray method’. Spray as many outreaches as you can (like a machine-gun) and then pray you get some deals closed.  

I remember being in part of a business coaching program that prescribed something like 50-80 cold out reaches per day. 

“Pushes” of activity metrics, for 2 week stretches. Get a 3x5 card and tally up how many outreaches you made that day. Sounds miserable.  

(caveat) There is power in repetition though, simply going through the process will help you sharpen up your skills, get over the fear of rejection, and get your talk tracks in line.  

But doing things that make you miserable and feel out of alignment will take its tool on your enthusiasm in your business, as well as the revenue you bring in. 

What I hate about ‘the numbers game’ myth is it completely ignores some of the best strategies for improving your high ticket sales process and making sales feel effortless. 

The problem with the ‘spray and pray’ method is that it’s 2x thinking instead of 10x thinking. If you want to close 10% more deals in your business, then up your activity level by 10%.  

If you want to double your deals, then that means doubling your output! And the elite in sales know that the numbers game is a myth. 

Instead of the spray and pray method, become a sniper.  

Here are some ways that you can massively impact the number of closed deals WITHOUT increasing the amount of touches you have: 

  • Tactical Content Marketing: by being an effective content creator you can attract your ideal clients instead of chasing them. Replace ‘cold outreach’ time with creating content about what you love and have authority in.  
  • Personal Branding & Niche Mastery: becoming the ONE person people think of when a certain topic comes up. Be a specialist and not a generalist. Being a Mindset/Leadership/Fitness Coach is not a niche, it’s just a vague way to describe what you do.
  • Transaction vs. Transformation: Crappy people in sales focus on the ‘bells and whistles’, the ‘features and benefits’ which makes the sale a race to the bottom. At this level you are competing on price instead of competing on value. Ask the right questions and you can give your clients a ‘sampling’ of the transformation that they will experience!
  • Talk less, listen more: Most people go right into the pitch, which creates sales resistance (the aversion to being pitched). It honestly surprises me how many people in sales (I’m talking about professionals) that just start talking and don’t ever ask the client WHAT they actually want.I get people all the time trying to sling ‘more clients’ and a ‘full calendar of sales calls’. I don’t want more clients or sales calls because that’s not my problem! I want more time and more passive income!  
  • Priming and qualifying: If someone makes it to a call with me, they know exactly why they are there because I’ve filtered out unqualified buyers. I’ve also used the booking process as a ‘funnel’ to build authority, weed out unqualified buyers and create questions that they want answers to that they didn’t even know they had.

 Want to add another 6 figures to your online business in 2024?  

Add $100k by adding & maintaining 8 high ticket clients at $1000 per month.

Add $100k by adding & maintaining 5.5 high ticket clients at $1500 per month.

Add $100k by adding & maintaining 4 high ticket clients at $2000 per month.

Add $100k by selling a group coaching program twice during a year with 25 slots available at $2k per slot.

Out of those scenarios, which of them requires the most effort?

Out of those scenarios, which requires the most skill? 

You nailed it, it actually takes much more effort to sell 8 high ticket coaching clients to make an additional $100k in your business than it is to make it by selling 2x per year and focusing on a group coaching where you can sell all at once and teach all at once. 

It was exactly 10 years ago, on this very week, that I started in sales, and it changed my life.  

I thought for me to be successful in sales I’d have to by high pressure, pushy, alpha.  

What I found out is sales can be fun, engaging and most of all help you make more money in your business while also helping other people transform their lives. Best feeling ever. 

Over the last 5 weeks I’ve been dropping episodes on the High Value Skills Podcast that go deep into things like the psychology of sales and why people buy.  

Here are some episodes on sales for you to check out: 

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I hope you've enjoyed this article and I encourage you to sharpen your High Value Skills so that you won't need to 'grind harder' in your sales process. 


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