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How to Create a Highly Flexible Online Business By Using A Value Ladder

There has never been a better time to create an online business that allows you the flexibility to make money online doing what you love. The ability to reach a 'one to many' audience and the freedom to operate from any location are just a few of the enticing benefits. However, the journey to a successful online business is often misunderstood and misdirected, leading many entrepreneurs astray.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Online Business Strategies

Many online entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in a cycle of selling a single offer at one price point, using one-to-one methods. This approach is not only limiting but also exhausting. Some 'gurus' advocate for aggressive tactics like targeting clients in the comments of influencers, engaging in awkward conversations to identify 'pain points', and pushing for high-ticket sales on cold calls. While this might work for a few, it's a challenging and often unsustainable path for most.

The Matrix: Multiple price points and multiple options

The ability to reach clients with multiple offers at multiple price points and nurturing that audience is a paradigm shift that allows you to meet your clients where THEY are at in their journey, instead of trying to get them to meet you where YOU are at. This allows you the ability to create lifetime clients. 

Think about established businesses like Lexus with entry level cars all the way up to the most luxurious flagship models and everything in between. They now have Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, Sports Cars, Sedans and SUVs. This creates a 'matrix' of options for virtually any type of buyers. Many Lexus owners start with one vehicle then purchase many more in the future as they increase their affluence. 

A lot of beginner entrepreneurs operate like Lexus with just one model and trying to pitch their audience on one offer. When you start to understand the matrix of offers you are able to nurture clients who are not ready to buy but keep them in your pipeline and prepare them to not only be a future client of yours but a lifetime client that buys from you over and over. 

To build a thriving and flexible online business, consider the following key elements:

✅ Personal Branding

Your personal brand is crucial. It's what makes you memorable and plants seeds for future business. When potential clients finally recognize their needs, your brand should be the first that comes to mind.

✅ Content Machine

Creating a robust content strategy is about attracting, not chasing, your audience. Quality content helps your audience recognize their problems and potential solutions, building trust and familiarity even before the sale.

✅ Offers & Value Ladder

Diversify your offers with a value ladder that caters to your audience's journey. By meeting your clients where they are, you create a pathway for repeated purchases and long-term customer relationships.

✅ Sales Mechanism

Rethink monetization by exploring multi-dimensional approaches. This can include affiliate marketing, leveraging others' offers, webinars, and paid challenges. These methods allow for broader reach and efficiency in sales.

✅ Scaling

Finally, move away from the time-for-money model. Focus on building scalable systems, outsourcing non-essential tasks, and creating passive income streams through sponsorships, advertising, and partnerships.

The Value Ladder Explained: 

One of my favorite online marketers and the creator of Click Funnels, Russell Brunson, often talks about the importance of having a 'Value Ladder' in place, and how to walk your clients up the value ladder. The more value added, the higher the price. 

For example in my business my value ladder looks like this: 

  • Free content such as the High Value Skills Podcast and my Digital Entrepreneur Newsletter.
  • Low ticket offers such as my Nail Your Niche Workshop and my LinkedIn ATM Challenge ($17-97)
  • Mid Ticket Offers such as my Leveraging LinkedIn Course ($497)
  • My Digital Entrepreneur community ($97 per month)
  • My 1x1 consulting ($1k per hour)
  • My passive income streams & joint venture (this is where I'm focusing the most right now)

As you can see there are a lot of 'doorways' to where someone can enter my business ecosystem. If I only had one offer like a $8k high ticket coaching package, I'd be missing out on not only revenue but potential clients that are not ready to invest that money but could be clients down the road.

Here is another sketch done by Russell Brunson that explains how price increases with value. Another way to look at it is how much 'hands on' you are putting into the offer. 

Building Your Online Empire

The journey to a successful online business is not about quick fixes or aggressive sales tactics. It's about building a brand, creating valuable content, diversifying offers, innovating in sales, and scaling smartly. With these strategies, you can establish a flexible, profitable online business that stands the test of time.

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