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If you are on my website reading this, I’d say its safe to assume that you, in some form or another, are doing what most people DON’T do and are chasing your passion or your dreams (or getting ready to).  

Maybe you are starting a business. 

Maybe you are starting a podcast. 

Maybe you are building your brand and creating content. 

You are BRAVE to do this. Most people fear what happens on the other side of the doors of opportunity, but the most dangerous place to be is staying in the same place. 

It takes courage to find your voice, leaning into the fear of judgment.  

Imposter syndrome, self-doubt, negative self-talk all come up.  

But you lean into those voices and STILL move forward. 

Once you are past that, there’s still danger ahead when it comes to your mindset and the voices that will come up. 

Do you ever ask yourself this: 

“Is it worth it”?  

What we do takes not only courage, but time and it makes it so easy to question yourself and your efforts, all the time that we put in and not seeing the results we want to see right away. 

I had this question come up a couple times with some of my clients this past week, but let’s be real, I GET IT ALL THE TIME TOO!  

Aside from having 3 kids, I love to podcast, create content, coach, create courses, workout, meditate, play with my kids and sleep 8 hours per day. 

Those are my passions.  

But I also have a book of business in sales that could keep me ‘fat and happy’ if I would just let go of all those other things. 

It’s so tempting, and the voice of ‘is it worth it?’ can be so strong when I’m bursting at the seams.  

It could be so much easier to just crush it in sales, hang out with fam, and relax.  

But I simply cannot accept living my life out without ever seeing what I’m made of. I’m guessing you are wired that way too. 

Here are my top mindset hacks to navigate the feeling of ‘Is it worth it’? 

1 – There is no other option.  

This is the though that I put in my head when my mind is SCREAMING for me to back down. It can suck to put in all this time and energy, but what’s the opposite? To live a life without meaning and purpose? To get by, day to day, one day to the next? F*ck that. I’ve lived that life before and I cannot accept it. We were born for more. It doesn’t matter which path you take, both will test you, but only one path can give you the fulfillment of your heart.   

When your mind screams ‘is it worth it’? Respond back with ‘There is no other option’.  

2 – Step outside of your thoughts.  

Train yourself to recognize when this thought comes up, and step outside of it. Have a plan of action for when this (or any other) negative thought comes up. You are not your thoughts, and when you can create some distance from the thought, you can navigate it better.  

Give yourself some context, realize that there are no shortcuts to greatness and patience is a required element to some of the greatest rewards in life. Recognize this is the path of an entrepreneur and give yourself a pat on the back for being willing to be brave enough to go where others don’t.  

3 – Mastery over achievement.  

One of the reasons we get this though in our head of ‘is it worth it’ is because we are wanting the external rewards (job, title, status, money, house, car), which makes us impatient.  

When you focus on mastery of your craft, then you get an ‘intrinsic dopamine hit’ and it makes it so much easier to keep going. Focus on getting better, become the best at whatever you are working on.  

Content, speaking, sales, marketing…become the BEST at it and you will attract the results instead of chasing them. The externals will become a by-product of you becoming a master of your craft.  

The more you work on mastery, the more you fall in love with the process and not the rewards.  

4 – Mental toughness.  

I remember when I used to race bikes, there was this point on the last 2 miles, in 95 degree heat, sun beating down, 4 hours into a race, 70% of the competitors had fallen off the back, going up that final climb, lungs about to explode, legs turning to rubber.  

It was at this moment that you think you can’t hang on any longer and are about to let yourself slip off the back. But you KNOW that everyone else is feel the exact same and it’s a mental game. It is this point that you attack, you accelerate, you push harder than you can imagine, you break the pack, and you win the race.  

When you are feeling like ‘is this worth it’, THIS IS THE TIME TO PUSH HARDER because the breakthrough is coming!  

5 – Measure the GAIN and not the gap.  

Remember where you started and how far you have come (this is the gain). Don’t measure where you are at to where other people are at, this causes comparison, and feeling like you aren’t enough (this is the gap).

We all start with one follower, one episode, one sale. Do it once, then again, then again and count your successes instead of focusing on what is deficient. Comparison puts you in a state of lack. 

Book suggestions on this topic: Gap and the Gain (Benjamin Hardy), 10X Rule (Grant Cardone), CRUSHING IT (Gary Vee).  

“Crushing It”  has several case studies of what it’s REALLY like to be an ‘overnight success’. One of my favorite parts of the ‘10x Rule’ is where Grant Cardone says that success in everything worthwhile will take 10 times the amount of action that you originally thought. 

Count me in. I’ll be here. All day, all night, because it is so worth it! 



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