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4 Steps To Go From Dead Inside To Thriving & Confident With Claudia Wyatt


This new episode of Mindset Hackers talks on how to get up from a dark place and transfrom yourself into a confident person.

When you get hurt, you close up, you defend, you protect, you put your walls up, you close the blinds, you shut the doors, you close the gates.

Losing someone you love. A divorce. A failed business. Getting fired.

These are things that can cause anyone to shut down and go into Zombie mode.

Confidence Coach Claudia Wyatt understands, she has been there, to the depths and back.

Claudia had spiraled down after a brutal divorce and several deaths in her family including her father, sister and dog.

Blow after blow, this took its toll on her until she could barely function except on auto pilot.

Retreated from her life, retreated from herself, she went inward in the wrong way.

Getting by, day to day, autopilot and lost.

Eventually she reached a point where something that had to give.

Claudia details her 4 step process of healing, mindset and self love that pulled her out of her Zombie state.

She started to find her voice and to start grow.

You may have felt the way she did, or maybe you know someone, or maybe you are in a good place right now.

No matter what your situation is, you'll get so much out of these 4 practices so make sure to listen to this episode, share with someone who could use this message, and put this into action.

"If you want to live a life you've never had, you'll have to do things you have never done" - Jen Sincero

"The measure of your life is whether it matches your dream" - Marie Forleo

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