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Mastering Clear Communication: Tips for Crafting Irresistible Messages

One of my big themes of 2023, to help people get crystal clear on their messaging when it comes to putting out social media content, describing their business and also creating irresistible offers.  

A big problem that people have as experts in their field, is as they get deeper into their specialization, they start to communicate in a way that keeps their audience from understanding what it is that they do.  

Here’s a few tips to keep your communication clear and easy to understand: 

1 – Keep it short. In this day and age, realize that people are constantly bombarded by 5 different forms of social media, advertising, business and personal email, DM’s on several platforms. It can be absolutely OVERWHELMING for most people. The best thing you can do is to keep your messaging as short as possible.  

2 – Avoid Industry Jargon. Sometimes I see people who flaunt their industry lingo to sound cool but what they are really doing is confusing their audience. I promise you they will love you more if you talk on the same level as them.  

3- The “It’s kinda like” bridge. When you do have a fairly complex teaching, try to use an analogy or metaphor. I you see someone struggling to grasp a context, let them know ‘It’s kinda like (then transition to something that is similar that they can understand)’.  

For example:  

"Quantum computing is kind of like trying to solve a giant, intricate jigsaw puzzle with a group of people. Each person has a puzzle piece, and they're all trying to figure out where it fits in the overall picture. With traditional computing, you can only look at one piece at a time and try to fit it in based on the surrounding pieces. But with quantum computing, it's like everyone can look at their piece at the same time and instantly know where it fits in the puzzle.” 

4- Can a 6th Grader understand it? There is an online editor that can take your article or post and give you the grade level that it is written at. Guess what, the lower the grade level, the more easy it is to understand. Play around with some of your content on The Hemmingway App, give it a try, its fun!  

5 – Space it up: If you’ve ever wondered why my emails always consist of 1 or 2 lines then a space, its because its much easier to read on a mobile phone.  

If people open up an email and see a huge paragraph, there’s a bigger chance they won’t read it because it just looks to long. (Bonus LinkedIn Tip: the algorithm actually prefers text post to be written like this because its so much easier on the user). 

Ok my friends, keeping this message short and sweet. 

One last thing: 

This past week I came down with a very serious and fast spreading infection that could have been life threatening. It took multiple visits to the urgent care + 3 trips to the ER to get it under control. Remember LIFE is so very precious and unpredictable, make use of every second that you have. 

If you’d like to hear what happened and how to deal with situations that kick your ass, I just dropped this episode on the Mindset Hackers Podcast: 3 Mindset Pillars To Lean On When Crisis Hits Hard. Available on Apple and Spotify.  


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