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Julie Hruska - Top 50 Most Impactful People On LinkedIn Talks About The 3 'C's of High Performance

March 15th 2020, we all remember that timeframe when the world shut down and many of us had to pivot. Some of us had our careers completely wiped out.

For Julie Hruska, she would teach her last 'in person' class on this day, then shut down her studio 6 years prior to her existing plans.

Julie then made her pivot, she declared what she wanted to do, which was expand in a time of contraction. Then it started, full send on getting active on LinkedIn, creating content, getting active on video, networking.

Julie posted this on her LinkedIn page recently:
"2 years ago, when the world locked down, I faced the dark unknown.

As a single mother of 3 and an entrepreneur, I had to pivot quickly to keep the lights on and food on our table. It sounds dramatic, because it was.

I knew that if I didn’t quickly shift to a virtual model for my business, my coaching company wouldn’t survive and my children would suffer.

The pivot was fast, but I was committed.

There was a steep learning curve.

I had to learn LinkedIn, content creation, posting, connecting, and engaging

I had to learn video recording, editing, and captioning.

I had to open up to write again and learn to edit for social media.

I had to be vulnerable and risk judgment.

It was often terrifying, but I kept stepping beyond fear, toward freedom, moving forward one courageous step at a time."

Julie and I had a wonderful discussion about her incredible backstory and pivot, then going into her pillars of creating success in the high performance realm using her 3 'c's of success.

Julie applied the exact blueprint of what she teaches to other executives in her own life, she 'walks the walk' and shows others how to do the same.

Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric and one of the most prolific leaders of the late 90's once said:
“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.”

Jack Welsh also said:
“Control Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will”

Make sure to check out this incredible episode if you are interested in Leadership, Executive Lifestyle and High Performance Habits.

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