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How To Create Highly Profitable Offers That Sell

Getting rejected after spending days, weeks, even months on creating something that you hope will sell is hard, and to be quite honest, it sucks. 

Not to mention having to go back to the drawing board to figure out where everything went wrong and revamping the offer for the 3rd, 4th, even 5th time.

No matter what you do sometimes, it seems like you’ll never get there!

What can you do to avoid getting rejected?

We’ve discovered that the best way to almost guarantee that someone will buy your offer, with an upwards of 100% close rate, while maximizing your profits on the backend depends on 3 things. 

Think about it. Why do people refuse to buy from you? 

It’s due to the lack of communication. 

What are the 3 areas? Here they are...

  • Wrong Offer 
  • Wrong Pricing 
  • Wrong Delivery 

By giving someone an offer they can’t refuse, with the correct pricing, and fulfilling on that offer in the best way possible, we’ve noticed our offers sell better. 

My personal experience:
I never considered going into coaching. 
I’ve worked in sales and have always thrived in sales. 

But as soon as covid hit, my industry was shut down and I never could have predicted this. 

I knew I needed to pivot. 
I started publishing content on LinkedIn and getting clients from it.
I found out that I loved coaching, and loved the idea about learning marketing, creating courses, and creating coaching programs. 

That’s what I started looking for - something I could do to keep coaching, but also keep my sales role. 

So I dove into learning everything I could when it came to marketing, and one day I got a message on LinkedIn from someone named Tucker Ferwerda.
He didn’t try to pitch me, he just started up a conversation with me, and I noticed he did Facebook ads. We had a conversation, he sent me a video, and we did an intro call. After that first call I knew I wanted to work with him because he has such a deep knowledge of marketing. 

Tucker has skyrocketed my business, and we have an amazing partnership.
I truly believe that he’s the best coach I’ve ever had. In fact, I had my biggest month in my Stripe merchant account last month because of his help. 

I’m always thinking about you guys, and I wanted to figure out a way for us to give back to you.

With that being said, we’re also opening up the Offer Launch Blueprint where we’ll be able to become an active role in your business and help you create attractive and irresistible offers so that you can get more clients, retain your clients, raise your prices, make more money, and upgrade your processes and systems.

Who is it for?

This is for coaches, consultants, course creators, and agency owners who want to make more money by creating better offers that sell, and sell well. 

What’s included?

  • LIVE coaching, education, and implementation calls every Thursday at 11 am MST for 6 weeks (recordings will be available, but we highly recommend you join us live to get the most out of it!)
  • Week #1: How Craft The Perfect Offer: The 5-Step Process Used to Sell Millions Of Dollars In Info Products - Creating Content That Sells
  • Week #2: Creating Tools That Sell
  • Week #3: Creating Case Studies That Sell
  • Week #4: Creating Bonuses That Sell
  • BONUS WEEK #5: How To Price Your Products And Services To Sell At 80%-100% Close Rates
  • BONUS WEEK #6: Marketing Your Products And Services 
  • BONUS #7: Exclusive Private Facebook Community
  • Much more! We’re always adding more content depending on what my audience needs at that time. 

Plus, order today, and you’ll also receive: 

  • Offer Launch Blueprint Tools  ($997  Value)
  • Offer Creation Templates  ($997 Value)
  • Funnel Templates  ($997 Value)
  • Email Marketing Templates  ($997 Value)
  • Copywriting Masterclass ($10,000 Value)
  • Much more!

How much is it?

It’s only one payment of $497 to join for for the next 6 weeks starting on June 16th. That's literally less than $100 bucks per week for live coaching where we'll be able to become a huge part of helping you and your business succeed. 

When can I join?

Right now! We’re only opening up open enrollment for 1 week, and we’re closing cart on June 16th. Get enrolled today and I look forward to serving you and introducing you to the group.

Click here to get enrolled

See you on the inside!

PS - In case you missed the live webinar we had few days ago, here’s the replay!

PPS - We're only accepting 20 more people to join so that we can keep the group tight knit and close together for more impact, so once we land on June 16th, or we've sold 20 more spots, we're closing this offer down.

Join the LIVE 6 week offer launch blueprint coaching program!

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