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How to create a 6 figure income in less than 10 hours per week

In this blog I’m going to share how I built a 6 figure business that takes me 10 hours or less per week to run. It's not a gimmick, and it didn't happen overnight, but it did happen in 2 years with small and consistent action steps. 

Here’s the thing: I have a full-time sales role, a podcast, 3 kids, sleep 8 hours a day and also need my ‘me time’. That doesn’t leave me with much more time to run a business does it? 

So, I MUST do this in 10 hours or less per week or it won’t get done! 

Alright, let’s dive into how to create a 6-figure income stream!   

If someone were to ask me what would the perfect business consist of, I would tell them it needed to be portable (something you can run from anywhere and sold to anywhere), scalable (able to nimbly grow), doesn’t require employees, complex equipment of inventory that you had to ship, and something that was unique to me (couldn’t be sold by somebody else without my permission). 

The perfect business is to sell your knowledge. Whether you realize it or not, there is something you know about (or could gain knowledge on) and teach to someone else that will gladly pay you money to help them out. 

Most people think of one on one coaching (trading time for money), and you can do well with that! But learning how to create multiple types of offers and even automate it is how you can do more in less time. 

Start with this question: What is it that people are asking you about all the time? 

I don’t mean broadly speaking, like ‘mindset’ or ‘fitness and nutrition’ or ‘social media’, but something more specific, like a ‘how do I to this’ type of thing. 

If you have that, you probably have the seeds of a 5 or 6 figure (possibly 7 figure) income stream. 

Take my oldest friend Mike, he was working as a video producer and editor for a local family that brings in over a million dollars in ad & sponsor revenue by making cute kid videos of them playing with toys. 

They were paying him (not so well) so I told him he should create a course and teach people how to boot up a YouTube channel for sponsors and ad revenue.   

Do you see the difference? He isn’t teaching people editing, filming and producing (what he does), he would teach a specific ‘how to’

Here is another example: A lot of people call me the “LinkedIn Guru” which kind of makes me cringe but it’s what started everything! 

What I actually do: I help coaches & consultants with marketing and selling so they can make more money and more impact. 

But my ‘how to’ was helping people use LinkedIn to build a brand and create traffic so they can plug in their offers. 

I noticed a bunch of people asking me about LinkedIn a few months after I started on the platform. 

So that became my ‘how to’. One night I did a Q/A on LinkedIn to see who would be interested, it was just a free zoom call that I did on a Thursday night. Posted about it on social media and had about 25 people show up. 

For 90 minutes I dropped as much value as I could and at the end there were a bunch of people who wanted to keep it going (here’s the thing, you can drop as much value as you can in 90 minutes but there is only so much you can share, so this is the perfect way to help people out but also invite them to work with you again). 

After that free q/a on LinkedIn, I asked everyone who showed up if they’d be interested in a bootcamp where I could continue to help them. 

I charged $250 for 8 weeks of live zoom calls and build the presentations as I went along. I had about 14 people sign up so that created about $3k in revenue. 

After I ran the 8-week bootcamp, I asked for testimonials, I took that money and invested in my favorite course creation & email marketing software Kajabi (you can grab a free 30 day trial here). 

Now that I had the slides built, I could perfect the course and launch it again. 

Here is where so many people mess up, is that first launch, if they don’t sell a lot they think it’s a failure and don’t do it again. 

Huge mistake. You need to get through at least 3 launches so you can perfect the course and learn how to help your audience more. It’s supposed to be messy. 

Back to the story, I mapped out all the lessons, 7 modules with sub lessons, on sticky notes and posted them on the wall (horizontally for modules, vertically for lessons/topics). You can also just do this in a word document like the index of a book. 

What are the big steps (3-7 of them) and then the smaller steps? These are your modules and lessons. 

Each day I would just spend 15 minutes to an hour and take action to build out the course. It got done in a month just with small and consistent actions. 

Then I would do the same thing with so many other ‘business building activities’ such as setting up accounts, building lead magnets, creating PDFs and videos. 

One step at a time adds up quickly! 

I launched the 2nd version in February of 2021, then the 3rd version in October of 2021. 

In 2022 I was able to reinvest the income I had made into getting help (VA, Virtual CFO, Marketing Director) and this is where the growth really started to happen. 

Now this ‘how to’ around LinkedIn is what I call a CORE OFFER. 

Scaling & Automating: I can have different variations built around the CORE OFFER with different price points and serve different audiences. 

For example: 

Offer A: Leveraging LinkedIn Self Study Course (completely automated with no need for me to be there, can be sold anytime to anyone without me needing to sell it). 

Offer B: Leveraging LinkedIn 10 week bootcamp, can be sold to a group of 20-30 people, monetized in a launch window of 10 days and only requiring 1 hour per week to do live calls. 

Offer C: Leveraging LinkedIn 1x1 coaching where me (and now my coaches) can help clients out with specific and custom training to them. 

LinkedIn was the ‘how to’ but how many other things can I help these same clients with? 

By focusing on a ‘how to’ instead of ‘what I do’, it has opened the door to me being able to help more people in so many ways. 

What is your ‘how to’ that you get asked about all the time?
For an offer to sell you need: 

1 – an offer that solves a problem or creates a desired outcome (this is different than mindset, fitness, nutrition, social media, etc). 

2- an audience that NEEDs that solution or desired outcome (traffic). 

3- the right marketing and messaging. Create a roadmap, a blueprint, a success path. People LOVE a step by step breakdown or instructions. 

Ok, let’s wrap this up. I hope you start to think about how you can turn your ‘how to’ into a business, whether it’s a few grand or a 6 figure income stream. It all starts with taking small and consistent actions towards the goal. 

Hope you're excited to START monetizing!

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