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Find, Book, Keep: The Ultimate Strategy for Stable Sales and Business Growth

One of the things that plagues people in their business the ups and downs of sales.  

The wild swings can feel like a roller coaster at times, but unlike a real roller coaster it doesn’t feel so great when things are heading downhill. 

One of my mentors used to always preach a strategy that has helped me have a lot less ups and downs both in sales and business. 

He calls it: Find, Book, Keep.   

The gist of it is you have 3 buckets that you need to always be focused on to keep your pipeline flourishing. Taking your eyes off one or more of these is what causes the wild swings, and happens a lot when business is booming!  


This is the marketing and prospecting bucket and is the most important bucket to be create abundant revenue. It does not matter if you have the best offers or are awesome at sales if you can’t lure in potential clients through your content marketing, networking, referrals, paid traffic, presenting to audiences, cold outreach. 

I personally hate cold outreach but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used. My favorite tool in the ‘Find’ bucket is Content Marketing. I LOVE creating content, it speaks to a certain audience, and allows me to identify prospects without pitching them in the DMs.  

In March, Tucker and I rolled out the Offer Creation Challenge which ended up generating over $50k in business WITHOUT any cold outreach. That’s the magic of understanding Marketing! (if you missed this then make sure you never miss it again because we DO what we TEACH).  


This is the bucket where you are presenting your offers and closing deals. Your appointments are stacked. Your offers are on point. Your pitch and your ask is dialed in. If you are getting in front of clients but not closing deals, it means your ‘find’ bucket is working great but the ‘book’ bucket needs attention. 

Learn to ask better questions instead of always pitching. Don’t run from objections, use them as a doorway to hold space for your clients to share what’s really holding them back.   


This bucket is all about repeat business. If you create awesome offers and overdeliver on value, you’ll have a ton of clients that will gladly pay for your services again.  

This is why I have no problem with free or low ticket offers and making them SICK! It’s a chance to give a great first impression and earn future business. 

Also make sure that you are thinking 3 dimensionally about business. Do you have a suite of free, low, medium and high ticket offers to take advantage of where your audience is in their buyers’ journey. 

Your call to action:  

Take inventory of how much time you are spending inside each of these 3 buckets. Which ones need more attention?  

Give the 3 buckets equal amounts of love and you'll avoid the roller coaster!

PS: I just qualified for my 8th Presidents Club award in sales and the stuff I share with you is the EXACT same stuff that I use to sell with ease and alignment. I hate pitchy, sales-ey, high pressure strategies and my goal is to help you help you crush it in your business, career or personal life. 

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