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Do Affirmations Really Work for Success in Business and Life?

Do affirmations make an ACTUAL difference in your success in biz or life?

I love asking this question, lot of people love them and use them. Others, roll their eyes and think they are a waste of time. 

Believe it or not, I was one of the latter for a real long time. And I’m one of those people that will try anything. But I just couldn’t see how saying positive words or phrases could make a difference.

I was a skeptic so to speak, even though I consider my self to be pretty much open to anything.

But then something BIG changed and it caused me to fully embrace them and now I’m a HUGE believer that the works you speak, create the world that you experience!

I grabbed the AFFIRMATION QUEEN, Hallie Avolio, who is also a manifestation coach with 400k followers on TikTok that love her work on affirmations and did a deep dive interview with her on this topic.

She literally manifested her dream business into reality using the same stuff we talked about. 

I just released this on the Mindset Hackers Podcast.

We talk about WHY they work for some people and not others.

HOW to create ones that resonate with you.

HOW to use them to CREATE the feeling that you want to experience in the future, so you start to BECOME that person and take actions that future version of yourself.

We also talk about false affirmations (like I’m a Millionaire) and the cognitive dissonance that results when you realize that isn’t true. 

Lastly, Hallie gives you her THE MOST POWERFUL affirmation she knows. 

This is like an Affirmation CLINIC!

Here is another crazy fact: Hallie used to think the were BS too, and then she ended up getting on board and it’s now become her business. 

Click here to access this episode on YouTubeSpotify and Apple, put it on your playlist for now or the weekend then get to work on designing you some brand new powerful Affirmations to crush it next week!

PS, if you are wondering what it was that changed my mind, and (I’d say there’s some science behind it) I put up a blog post here

If you read my emails, you know I'm INCREDIBLY invested in seeing you succeed both personally and professionally so please give yourself every opportunity for even incremental gains. They all add up to a very beautiful life!

One last thing, Hallie has her own "Affirmation Card Decks" that you can get here. They make great gifts or stocking stuffers! Or give them to your kids like I do and prime their subconscious to CRUSH it in life!

Hope you have an incredible weekend!

*Message me back and let me know your favorite affirmation or mantra!*


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