Can I share a moment of self-doubt with you?

My baby girl came into my office the other day, rummaging around and just being curious, drops a notebook in my lap. 

It flopped open to a page that had my handwriting:  

October 5, 2021:  

“Feeling the self-doubt and the insecurity, really wanting to give up because I don’t want to keep working this hard.”  

The next part said, “Feel it. Observe it”. 

I knew the feeling would pass so I wanted to write it down to remember it.  

This day was 2 days into launching the 3rd version of my Leveraging LinkedIn course and I had not made any sales.  

Self-doubt and anxiety was high, and of course my ego was messing with me worrying about me ‘looking bad’.  

But then the next day I got a sale, and then another, and then another. I started tallying the sales up and by the end of the 10 day launch window, there were over 40 sold, and then have kept selling ever since. 

That feeling though, gut wrenching.  

Unfortunately for so many coaches that feeling is common and doesn’t go away. 

The reality of creating offers (courses, group coaching, membership sites, masterminds) is the content could be great, but just doesn’t sell. 

It could be because the offer was never validated. 

It could be the offer didn’t appear to have value.  

It could be the price was wrong. 

It could be there was nothing create urgency to buy.  

The good thing is there is a science to launching an offer and my marketing director Tucker Ferwerda and I will be announcing a free Masterclass on How To Build Offers That Sell so look out for an invite next week! 

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