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The best post I've ever seen on LinkedIn

This post is from Lea Turner, an amazing coach who has created a highly successful coaching business on LinkedIn. 

She wrote: 

"today I sent the most empowering text of my life and it's costing me around £40k.

My son has never met his father. It wasn’t my choice for it to be that way, but it isn’t a decision I regret being made.

I hold no anger towards the situation, but today I sent a message severing him from any further financial responsibility.

Because he needs the money more than we do.

It felt really, really good.

(And it has only been possible because of LinkedIn and the incredible community here)"

I love this on so many levels, especially because Leah changed the conditions instead of adapting to them. 

It's not easy to do, and sometimes it's not right, but I can't imagine the feeling she had sending this text message out. 

We are all capable of changing our conditions instead of adapting to them. 

We are capable of bending reality.

We can be creators and not survivors. 

We can THRIVE and not just get by. 

LinkedIn is a great way to cultivate your voice, grow a following and ignite a business (or side hustle) that can change your life.

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