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Best Year In Business for 2023 Entrepreneur Summit

It was May of 2021, and I was so lost.


The year before my sales job was decimated due to hospitals being shut down, and I had to have a backup plan, so I used LinkedIn to build a coaching business.

Things in my coaching biz were starting to really pick up, but also things were getting back to normal in my sales role.

I was struggling hard with which path I should take. Do I dump my sales role that was heading for a record-breaking year? Or do I dump the coaching business that I LOVE?

I also had a newborn baby and 2 other kids.

I was so overwhelmed and confused, and didn't know what to do.

So, I paid $24k and joined a mastermind with some business bad asses!

I met so many incredibly resourceful people in this group, friends that I will have forever!

And I got some clarity on what I should do:

I didn’t need to put one against the other (job vs. business).

Instantly I felt relief that I didn’t have to make a choice, and all that pressure subsided.

All of a sudden I was capable of doing SO MUCH MORE when I realize that our biggest struggle is not time or bandwidth, but how we pit one thing against another and create a war that doesn’t need to be there.

It’s the mental war that sucks up time and energy, and once I received clarity, it was like a superpower!

Inside of that mastermind group, I met Ammar Asaad and Cassandra Britton (The Business Savage).

They are my closest advisors when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.

3 months ago we decided that we would hold each other to the highest standards and help each other craft out our Best Year In Business for 2023.

We’d get each other uncomfortable, challenge each other, be willing to give each other REAL feedback, hold a flashlight up to our insecurities so that we can deal with them instead of hiding from them.

Then we had an idea, why the f*ck are we just going to do it with us 3? Why don’t we do it with whoever wants to level up in 2023 and have their best year in business as well?

So, I’ve had to keep my mouth shut for 2 months! But now I can officially invite you to join us for our FREE BEST YEAR IN BUSINESS SUMMIT!

This will be Jan 3, 4, 5 with live calls starting at 6pm EST.

This will not be us ‘coaching you’ or teaching. This will be transformative & immersive, engaging & active, we all do this together.

You will come away with clarity of what you need to do in 2023. You will have community. You will have a blueprint. You will have inspiration.

Here’s what you can do, register in 10 seconds by going to this page, after that you’ll be able to access the Facebook page and we’ll start pregaming in there.

Please invite any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur that is a total bad ass!

We want motivated & driven people who are willing to get a little uncomfortable.

We want people who are sick of the same old and ready to create something new in 2023.

See you inside the Facebook group! 

Register here!


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