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How to crush your goals with laser precision

In 2019, I set a goal to break the team record in sales.

The number I needed to beat was $4,171,197.

After thousands of hours and millions of dollars circulated, on December 31st we closed the books for the year.

The number I ended up with was $4,190,465.

I had beat the record by .05%.

As you wrap up this year and get ready to crush it in 2023, make sure that you have crystal clarity about what it is that you want.

Most people’s goals or new years resolutions look like this:

· I want to lose more weight.

· I want to be healthier.

· I want to exercise more.

· I want to make more money.

· I want to spend less money.

· I want to live life to the fullest.

The problem with those goals is they are not clear and quantifiable or have a time frame.

For the goal I mentioned above, I had an entire year to bring in $4,171,197.

It was very clear in what it is that I needed to bring in, as well as a time frame to do it.

As you can see in the photo,...

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Best Year In Business for 2023 Entrepreneur Summit

It was May of 2021, and I was so lost.


The year before my sales job was decimated due to hospitals being shut down, and I had to have a backup plan, so I used LinkedIn to build a coaching business.

Things in my coaching biz were starting to really pick up, but also things were getting back to normal in my sales role.

I was struggling hard with which path I should take. Do I dump my sales role that was heading for a record-breaking year? Or do I dump the coaching business that I LOVE?

I also had a newborn baby and 2 other kids.

I was so overwhelmed and confused, and didn't know what to do.

So, I paid $24k and joined a mastermind with some business bad asses!

I met so many incredibly resourceful people in this group, friends that I will have forever!

And I got some clarity on what I should do:

I didn’t need to put one against the other (job vs. business).

Instantly I felt relief that I didn’t have to make a choice, and all that...

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