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Bad Advice From The High Ticket Gurus (Part 3)


Two weeks ago I sent out this email about the HT Gurus beating the doors down with ‘charging your worth’ only to leave people begging for clients because they haven’t built the ‘know like and trust’ factor.

Yes, charge your worth, but also earn the right to do so by dating a client before asking them to marry you so you don’t repel them away.

Last week I sent a newsletter about how the HT Gurus telling people to ‘quit their jobs and go all in’ without having built the foundation in place to do so, leaving so many people stressed and operating in scarcity mode.

This is part 3 of “Bad advice from the high-ticket gurus”.

High ticket is one of the coaching buzz words (just like scaling & automation). 

High ticket is a sale of $3k and above, and a lot of HT gurus will tell you not to waste your time on mid or low-ticket items because you won’t make any money.

That’s wrong on so many levels and you are leaving money on the table if you skip the opportunity to serve your audience with free, low ticket and mid ticket offers. 

At the top of this page is an email from someone with a solid LinkedIn and Twitter Following that just passed the $1 million mark after launching a $150 offer…in January.

You read that right, a $150 offer that requires no sales calls and can be done without live calls, completely ‘evergreen’ as we like to call it in the coaching world.

The other reason I’m passionate about free, low and mid ticket offers is often that is where you can add a ton of value and generate leads for your higher ticket offers (or be selective about who you want to work with).

Lastly, you can use low or mid ticket items to pay for advertising or growing a team.

Don’t stress about coming up with a ‘buffet’ assortment of offers, but start to listen to your audience and find ways to serve them in ways that don’t require a high ticket sale or for you to have high touch points with them.

Just like the example above, I’d recommend using Kajabi to create evergreen offers and build out your email list. You can also use this app for 1x1 coaching, scheduling, selling offers, podcasting, challenges, blogs, and more. It’s the ultimate coaching solution.

Kajabi has been a game changer for me and at the top of the list of my tech stack for good reason and in less that 2 years that I've been using them, I've seen them add so many awesome functions for anyone looking to participate in the knowledge economy.

Below is a link to a Kajabi walkthrough that I put together where I show you the backend of how I use this appl. If you’d like to give it a try, I’d suggest using this 30-day free trial to play around with it.



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