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Amy Porterfield shares 3 FREE bonuses for entrepreneurs!

Crazy how this unfolded.... 

In 2021, I thought it would be a good idea to create a vision board because it had been so long since I had made one.  

If you know me, I’ll try anything (and hopefully without judgment). 

So I put a bunch of shit on there (mostly things that I wanted since that’s what I was told to do in the early 2000’s when it came to vision boards).

But after I made it I realized I no longer wanted ‘things’ as much as it was ‘who I wanted to become’. 

Anyway I did put Marketing Legend and Entrepreneur Amy Porterfield on my vision board, 6 months before I even started podcast!

She is probably the number 1 person (up there with Gary Vee) that I look up to when it comes to entrepreneurship! 

This week I got the amazing opportunity to interview her and it was fun telling her that!

The episode just dropped and its packed with goodness!

We talk about: 

How she worked for Tony Robbins for 7 years then in a meeting heard all these dudes talking about building courses so she wanted in on that!

After leaving her overworked corporate job she started her own business but felt like a failure after her first launch she made $267. 

We talk about Mindset and her favorite Mantras, and how entrepreneurs can succeed.

She also left me 3 bonuses to give to you! You can download them right now!

Bonus 1: 7 places to leave your lead magnet to grow your list with quality leads:

Bonus 2: Working better than before: Redefining your unique vision of success!

Bonus 3: What's your thing? 3 steps to uncovering your secret sauce that can make and impact and bring in revenue. 

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