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Amazing LinkedIn updates to fuel your business

some newer LinkedIn updates that I’m absolutely stoked about!  

The first one is you can now add a Link to an external site in your photos/images, I love this because in this example you can see that I dropped an external link to Monica Jonsson’s Corporate Coaching Toolkit on Amazon. 

Why is this important? Because so many of us have been hiding our external links in the comments, hoping that people will see them but most of the time they get buried. 

And why were we dropping external links in the comments? Because LinkedIn appeared to demote posts with external links.  

There wasn’t a really easy way around it. 

I’ve also recently been dropping external links right in the body of posts and driving traffic off the platform and they have done far better than they used to in the ‘link hiding’ era.  

Here’s what I LOVE about this:  

LinkedIn listened to their audience and instead of fearing sending people off the platform like Facebook and Instagram so they can sell more ads, they appear to be helping us. 

This is the perfect time to use LinkedIn to drive more traffic to your lead magnets, your sales pages, your podcast and more.

LinkedIn Audio Events

The other update isn’t quite as recent but LinkedIn now has an Audio Event format, think of this as a Clubhouse event but on LinkedIn itself. 

I havn’t played with this feature but you can set it up on your main feed by: 

Set up a post like you normally would: 

Step 1: click on Create A Post 

Step 2: click on the 3 dots… then select “Create an event” 

Step 3: select ‘LinkedIn Audio Event’ from the drop down and then follow the rest of the instructions. 

This might be a perfect way for you to interact with your audience, especially if you have a hot topic that can grab attention!!

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