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The One Thing You Can Do Today To Get Results Fast - With Ammar Assad

Today on the Mindset Hackers Podcast it's time to drop some major heat with one of the most impressive entrepreneurs that I know, Ammar Assad.

Ammar owns 2 rental car franchises and learned how to 'detach' from his businesses and hire the right managers to allow those to function independently, they started business coaching to help others do the same.

Ammar is a leader within a top sales and coaching organization who helps other coaches go from average to elite. He has also been a pivotal colleague in my own entrepreneurial journey and a great friend as well.

Before we started recording, I asked Ammar what was one topic that he was excited to jam about and he said 'Taking Action', which was EXACTLY what I was wanting to talk about.

As you know, I often talk about the formula for success being this equation "Knowledge + Action - Overthink = Massive Results".

When you dissect any journey, and you use this formula, you can find out where the breakdown is: you are lacking the skills and knowledge, or you've gotten past that part and you aren't taking action.

Ammar and I have a powerful discussion on ways to know when you are in 'knowledge collecting mode' and also taking 'covert action' meaning you are taking action in ways that are avoiding the type of action that gets results.

Ammar also share's his favorite quote that got him out of his own head and taking action:

"If you think it's going to be a bitch, then it's going to be a bitch" Rob Dial

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