Protect Your Sphere So That Nothing Negative Can Penetrate Your Mindset

In this episode of Mindset Hackers we will talk about the quote “You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with” by the great mindset mentor and personal development guru, Jim Rohn.

Jim is known as the godfather of personal development and was a mentor to Tony Robbins and so many other greats.

As much as I love and respect the legend Jim Rohn, I completely disagree, but not in a bad way. Jim was right that spending time around the right people, or the wrong people, can massively impact how your success follows.

The way I say it, you are actually the sum of EVERYONE that enters your sphere (your mindset, your environment), and this isn’t just people, but you are also the average of everything that you consume, such as the media, the music, the podcasts, the books, the shows, the news, the food and even your personal space.

You are so valuable and your sphere is so worthy of being protected from people who will suck your energy or bring drama or negativity into your life. In this episode we discuss how people can be addicted to drama or negativity or to complaining.

Your mindset is being impacted even by the people that don’t spend a lot of time with you, and that energy can be spent in other ways that help you move forward.

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