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How to bend your perception of time to become a master of productivity without the overwhelm

I always get asked about my schedule, which looks like this: 

  • Wim Hof Breathwork 
  •  Meditation, Visualization, Journaling 
  •  Work Out 
  •  Cold Shower + affirmations 
  •  Content creation & social media time (LI, IG, TT, FB) 
  •  Engaging with my network
  •  Full time sales job 
  •  2-4 coaching calls (teaching) per week plus 1 group coaching call 
  •  2-4 hours (participation) in coaching or mastermind 
  •  Creating content for my product offerings 
  •  1 podcast episode per week (sometimes 2) 
  •  1 YouTube video per week 
  •  Family time 
  •  Sleep (7.5-8 hours)  
  •  Weekends off except 2-3 total hours of creating 
  •  Other random shit  

It seems like a lot but I’ve been able to keep up what I call a highly productive schedule for well over a year now without burnout.

How do I do it? 
In the most recent episode of the Mindset Hackers podcast I share how your perception of time has a lot to do with how much you actually get done.

Let me explain: We all know that there are millionaires and billionaires out there that have plenty of money but never seem to have enough. They are afraid it will be taken away or they will lose it.  

It’s a lack mindset. Even with plenty of money, you can still feel scarcity. 

Time is the same way. 

If you FEEL a lack of time (rushed, busy, constrained, overwhelmed) then does it really matter how much time you have?  

If you FEEL busy all the time, then you also spend time and energy worrying about it. If you spend time and energy worrying about it, then that is less time and energy spent making things happen. 

I’ll share with you my 5 top hacks for feeling an abundance of time and getting the things done that you need to become a high performer.

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