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Do THIS for 3 Minutes To Strengthen Your Mind & Body

The other day, one of my podcast listeners sent me this message:  

Simon, how long did it take you to get used to cold showers? 

You encouraged me to try them. 

And what did you experience? 

I REALLY had to step out of my comfort zone for this one. I’m addicted to burning hot water. And that’s a really bad habit. 

So, what are the benefits? How have you benefited from them? 

So far, I find that they wake me up. 

I thought this would be a great topic for my podcast, it’s something that I talk about all the time when I discuss my morning routine but I realized that I had never actually done a podcast episode on the power of cold showers. 

In this episode called “Do THIS for 3 Minutes A Day to Strengthen Your Mind & Body” I talk about the benefits of cold showers. 

There are 7 benefits that I list and I go into detail on this 20 minute episode and if you aren’t already doing them, give this a listen! 

For me, the main reason is it cultivates a stronger mindset because it’s like a physical version of a limiting belief and it trains me to do things that I don’t want to do.  

Right now they aren’t bad because it’s the middle of the summer and the ground is much warmer than the winter. 

But in February, when the pipes are freezing cold, and you get out of your nice comfy warm bed, the voices can come out and try to talk you out of it. 

It’s a great opportunity for you to pause, to observe the voice telling you not to, and quiet the voice and lean into the uncomfortable.  

The cold water will shock your body for a minute, and cause you to hyperventilate, but then you adjust, then you acclimate, you realize it’s not that bad, you realize its temporary.  

It’s the perfect daily mindset training to lean into the uncomfortable. 

But it doesn’t end there, there are 6 other great benefits of doing cold showers, and they have to do with your physical health.  

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Shoutout to Nour Nazmi, the badass that asked me the question and stepped out of her comfort zone!  

Please send me any questions your dying to learn about either on the podcast or this newsletter! 

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