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How to crush your goals with laser precision

In 2019, I set a goal to break the team record in sales.

The number I needed to beat was $4,171,197.

After thousands of hours and millions of dollars circulated, on December 31st we closed the books for the year.

The number I ended up with was $4,190,465.

I had beat the record by .05%.

As you wrap up this year and get ready to crush it in 2023, make sure that you have crystal clarity about what it is that you want.

Most people’s goals or new years resolutions look like this:

· I want to lose more weight.

· I want to be healthier.

· I want to exercise more.

· I want to make more money.

· I want to spend less money.

· I want to live life to the fullest.

The problem with those goals is they are not clear and quantifiable or have a time frame.

For the goal I mentioned above, I had an entire year to bring in $4,171,197.

It was very clear in what it is that I needed to bring in, as well as a time frame to do it.

As you can see in the photo, I taped that number to my computer so I saw it every single day, burning it in my mind.

Here are a few things that help me with making sure that I hit whatever goal I set my mind to:

1. Make sure they are clear and quantifiable.

2. Make sure they are front of mind, write them down, bonus points if you write them down often, but also keep them where you can see them often.

3. Share your goals with others, don’t keep quiet, this will put you on the hook, get an accountability partner or coach, be vocal about it.

4. Think BIG and just go for it! The biggest rewards come from the person you become along the way. If the goal isn’t juicy enough, its easy to forget about.

5. Create micro-wins along the way (milestones), and when you hit them, sit in that energy and appreciate it! They will give you a boost of dopamine and keep you moving forward.

And finally, don’t beat yourself up, judge or feel guilty if you miss them.

I set a VERY BIG GOAL in May of 2021 with some other high performance coaches, we even role played and did deep visualizations of it happening in December 2022.

We’ll I’m here now and unlike my goal of 2019 that I shared above, this one I will not hit. But the goal was so big that getting even 60% there will be lightyears ahead of anything I’ve done before!

We often don’t set big enough goals because we fear failing and want to ‘play it safe’.

2023 is your year, time to play bigger!

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