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Why Spending On Coaching Is A Waste Of Money

Are you thinking "Simon, why the hell are you saying that coaching is a waste of money? Don't you support coaches and don't you coach"?

I didn't say that coaching was a waste of money. 

I said spending money on coaching was a waste of money. 

The definition of spending is: to use up, to consume wastefully, to squander. 

Unfortunately the truth is a lot of people look at hiring a coach as spending, and even worse, they act like it. 

They say that only 3% of digital courses (without a live component) are completed.

Far too few people even give themselves the gift of coaching or learning after they leave school.

Then there are those that do decide to further their knowledge and buy a course but either don't finish (gain the knowledge) or don't take action with the knowledge in order to gain results. 

The equation for massive success is: knowledge + action - overthink = incredible results. 

There are a few people, the elite, who INVEST in coaching. 

The definition of investing: expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial plans. 

When I invest in my learning, I expect that I will use at least 1 (usually many) concepts to directly make back the money that I invest. 

Once I've done that, I've recouped my investment and any knowledge gained. Any profits that I make after my investment is recouped is an 'infinite return' because I've gotten my money back and can direct it into other investments and not locked in to the asset. 

But, I also get to keep the knowledge!

Several of my students have achieved an infinite return on their investment into my Leveraging LinkedIn course. 

One of them signed up in late November after getting her Instagram account that she had been building for 4 years hacked. 

In just a couple of months, on LinkedIn, she has signed some high ticket clients that vastly exceed the amount of my course, plus several group coaching clients. 

I challenge you to double down on YOU and start investing in yourself. Decide that you want to get an ROI on your investments in yourself and commit to not only learning but taking action. 

You get to decide if the money you put into yourself is being spent or invested. 

Message me back if you want to get on my calendar to see how I can help you create a positive ROI (return on investment) instead of a growing COI (cost of inaction) by joining my community of forward moving professionals that are dedicated to monetizing their passions. 

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