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How To Create Your Ultimate Wealth Identity & Money Mindset

Want to know how to upgrade your wealth identity and money mindset?

I've got an awesome training coming your way from a very special person! 

The other day I had a chat with my friend Hana Dhanji, who is not just a mindset coach, but one who uses NPL, psychology and human behavior to help Wall Street traders master their emotions under high pressure situations. 

Hana has an incredible story. She grew up in absolute poverty but her mother fought to get her out of the country and help her break the generational cycles and give her a chance at thriving in life. 

She worked her way through insurmountable obstacles to get her law degree, then she travelled the world and worked in Geneva, Dubai, London, New York City and Toronto.

But then she realized she had been chasing a lifestyle that she didn't even want, and got off the dopamine treadmill to do what she really loves. 

I've interviewed her 2 times in the past, the first was before I had a podcast and she shared her incredible story. Then last year we talked about the power of surrender and just letting things fall into place as they need to.

I just posted our latest chat where she shares the actual 5 step process that she helps Wall Street Traders to step into their Ultimate Wealth Identity, and I want you to do this exercise that she shares!

What is an Ultimate Wealth Identity? Think of it as an 'avatar' or a future visualization that helps you assume the identity, thoughts, emotions and embodiment of the most wealthy future version of yourself.

Think of this as a free training from one of the top money mindset coaches that I know so tune into this interview and do the 5 step framework that she shares! 

I've just posted this on Spotify, Apple and YouTube.

I'll share a quick example of our conversation and WHY it's so important to get your mindset in check when it comes to creating wealth in your life:

Your thoughts dictated your feelings which create your actions (or lack of actions), and your actions (or lack of actions) create your results (or lack of results). The crazy thing is your results go back in and confirm what you believed in the first place, like a self fulfilling prophecy. 

If you don't have a mindset that keeps your emotions in check, you can cave into fear and scarcity which create completely different actions and results. I often think about the Great Recession in 2008 how so many people sold at the worst possible time and locked in all their losses while missing out on 14 straight years of gains. 

The people who didn't cave into fear but acted from a place of confidence and rational thinking were able to stay calm and invest at the best possible time, then creating generational wealth. Right now we are in a time where nothing can be more important than keeping your mindset in check when it comes to your finances and wealth. 

Make sure to dive into this training right now and start creating your Ultimate Wealth Identity right now because your thoughts, feelings, core values will inevitably impact your future. 

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