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Unleash Your Inner Badass: Tap into Confidence and Live a F*ck YES Life

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite mindset hacks that will give you more confidence, tap into your inner badass and help you live a full F*ck YES life!  

If you are in my inner circles, you know that I do a lot of work on my subconscious to remove limiting beliefs and anything holding me back from doing EXACTLY what I want to in life.  

Why the subconscious? Because it is responsible for automating the vast majority of our actions (or lack of actions).  

We are born limitless but then start getting our scars through life that tamper us down. Our parents, broken relationships, kids in school, trolls, social media, advertising and media telling you who you should be.  

When we get these scars in life, our subconscious does an inside job to try to keep us from feeling that pain again. Often times we aren’t even aware of it.  

We hold ourselves back, unable to truly UNLEASH that warrior within us. 

Have you ever noticed yourself while in a lucid state such as dreaming, waking up in the morning, driving your car, out on a walk or bike ride and you have this BRILLANT idea! 

Then you start coming to your senses and think ‘Ah, that’s a dumb idea because of (this and that)’. 

What’s happening is your adult mind is placing judgment on that brilliant idea, both to protect you from pain (failure) but also because as an adult, your mind is in more of an analytical state then a malleable (theta) state like when you were a limitless kid.  

One way I program my subconscious for (success, confidence, abundance) is to listen to guided meditations that implant NEW beliefs into my brain, when I’m in a lucid state such as meditation or falling asleep.  

This Sunday I’ll drop a Mindset Hackers Episode that will explain Theta state and how it is literally the DOORWAY to your subconscious mind. This will be deeper than I’ve ever gone in my free content.  

But for now, here’s the hack:  

I use this sleep headband and listen to my own guided meditations as I’m drifting off to sleep and my mind passes through theta (suggestive) state.  

I’ll be publicly releasing some of the meditations that I make for myself but for anyone to use and here is the first one (6 minutes): Unleash Your Inner Badass 

These meditations won’t be your normal fluffy, floaty meditations. Nothing wrong with those, but these are very intentionally designed to help you tap into the inner badass, the warrior inside of you.  

You can start without the sleep headband and you don’t need to be falling asleep but for best results, listen at least once per day for 30 days, and try to be as relaxed as possible.  

A good way to get relaxed is to make sure you are in a quiet place without distraction and by taking 6 DEEP breaths in, then exhaling by pursing your mouth together like you are blowing through a straw.  

This will drop some relaxing neurochemicals into your body. Then all you need to do is just absorb the meditation. If you notice your mind going in different directions, that’s ok, just try to place your focus on the words and FEEL them.  

If this sounds weird and you are doubting it, just know that many of the professional athletes that you see dominate in sports are using strategies like this. If you have that voice of judgment popping up right now, be aware of it. 

No go forth and conquer, the world is waiting for you! 

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