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Exploring the Power of Law of Attraction and Manifestation in Business

One of the questions I get asked about most is my feelings on metaphysical practices such as the ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Manifestation’ and how those play a role in my business and creating my dream life. 

The truth is, I used to be a very ‘analytical’ thinker, but always open to trying new things. 

I used to need ‘proof’ of things and have a tone of skepticism when it came to things that were more spiritual in nature.  

If you’ve listened to my podcast before you’ve probably heard me talk about some of the craziest things coming to reality, that once started as a thought.  

At this point I don’t really put things into boxes like I used to, I just KNOW exactly what I want and go after it with passion and unrelenting action, while also using tools like meditation, visualization, affirmations and subconscious priming to support me. 

In a nutshell, I’ll do whatever it takes. Then...

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Unleash Your Inner Badass: Tap into Confidence and Live a F*ck YES Life

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite mindset hacks that will give you more confidence, tap into your inner badass and help you live a full F*ck YES life!  

If you are in my inner circles, you know that I do a lot of work on my subconscious to remove limiting beliefs and anything holding me back from doing EXACTLY what I want to in life.  

Why the subconscious? Because it is responsible for automating the vast majority of our actions (or lack of actions).  

We are born limitless but then start getting our scars through life that tamper us down. Our parents, broken relationships, kids in school, trolls, social media, advertising and media telling you who you should be.  

When we get these scars in life, our subconscious does an inside job to try to keep us from feeling that pain again. Often times we aren’t even aware of it.  

We hold ourselves back, unable to truly UNLEASH that warrior within us. 

Have you ever...

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Unveiling the 5 Money Habits for Financial Abundance

Today I want to share with you some very important Money Habits I learned from a decade of being around some of the wealthiest people in Salt Lake.  

When I was younger, I had NOTHING going for me. I was broke AF, had horrible habits around earning, saving, investing, spending.  

But luckily a friend asked me to come work with him at the Salt Lake Country club where all the wealthy people hung out. 

It sucked at first, scraping dishes, working 10-to-12-hour days and all the holidays, but over time I worked my way up to a server, then bartender, then into leadership. 

You always hear bartending is where it at for building relationships, people drinking into the late hours, sharing all their secrets. 

It was here that I found so many financial and life mentors that taught me so much.  

I noticed that there was a BIG difference between how these people created wealth and what I had seen and been around my entire life.  

They had...

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