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The Secret to Effortless Success: Harnessing Your Subconscious Mind

Have you ever wondered how powerful the subconscious mind is?  

It can be the most incredible tool that can make success happen on autopilot. 

Or it can put the most amazing things (our business, our relationships, our finances) on a collision course with disaster. 

If you know me, you know I’m a hardcore believer that our subconscious plays a major part in creating the success we want. 

Or it can keep us trapped in the Matrix, repeating the same mistakes, living in the past instead of creating a vision of the future.  

I’ve blown up businesses before.

I’ve blown up nearly perfect relationships before.

And I never quite knew why until decades later when I started to understand our subconscious wiring. 

But the subconscious isn’t just responsible for keeping us trapped, it can also allow us to create success almost effortlessly!  

I feel like I live the perfect life now: rich relationships, the ability to give to others without limits, financial abundance, health, and it feels so easy.  

And I have my subconscious to thank for that!  

I just dropped a powerful episode of the Mindset Hackers Podcast with High Performance Coach & Yoga teacher Kinga Gorski

Kinga specializes in helping entrepreneurs use their subconscious mind to unlock a new reality.  

I was first introduced to Kinga about a year ago but when I realized that she and I have so much in common when it comes to our passion for both helping other entrepreneurs out and the power of mindset.  

We go deep down the rabbit hole talking about the convergence of science and spirituality. 

If you are a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza, you’ll love this episode! 

You can listen to this episode right now on YouTube, Apple or Spotify

Dive in then go out there and create the life that you want and the life that you deserve!


“If you are not creating a vision of the future, you are living in a memory of the past.” 


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