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The Biggest Lie About Success Is....

I remember when I was a kid, my grandfather used to always tell me:

"You've got to work hard, you've got to go to school and get a degree, then you can succeed".

When I was younger I used to love school, but then around high school I started hating it, and by the time college came around, I knew that I didn't want to pay crazy amounts of money to do something that I hated.

Without me realizing it, it became a battle of 'going to school to succeed' or 'having an average life'.

I didn't want school, so I resigned myself to living an average life.

By sheer chance, I got the opportunity to scrape dishes as a bus boy at the Country Club and be around very successful people that made it look easy.

But for me, I still had years of ups and downs before it started to feel easy, because my belief system was that it needed to be hard.

The crazy thing is I was programmed that success NEEDs to be hard.

How many of us have been told through our entire life: 'you've got to work hard for success'?

What do you think that does to your subconscious mind?

Even later in life, all you hear about is the 'hustle and grind'.

When you hear something is hard, a struggle, a grind; do you really want to do it?

So that makes success EITHER something you don't want to do (lack of action) OR a struggle because you are assuming that it will be unpleasant so your subconscious mind will look for ways to confirm that.

Success takes time, it also takes effort, and learning new things. But why does it need to be hard?

Because we resist what is needed to succeed. 

We don't need to resist it, we can accept it and look at it as a challenge.

Tip 1 of 6 ---> The first thing you can do to start making it easier is to stop calling it hard. Call it a challenge instead.

Most people don't want to do hard things, but they do like a good challenge!

In the most recent episode of the Mindset Hackers Podcast (You DO NOT have to work hard to succeed), I challenge the 'construct' that you need to work hard for success and leave you with 5 more hacks to making it easier. 

That doesn't mean success is without effort, knowledge and consistency. It just means it doesn't need to be HARD. 

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