Free 5 Day Challenge to turn LinkedIn Into A Cash Making Doorway

I’m putting together a LIVE 5-day challenge called the “LinkedIn ATM Machine 5-day Challenge” where I’ll be showing you exactly how my students are turning their LinkedIn profile into a client acquisition system. 

AND I’m so confident we can help, that I’m giving away everything I know at NO-COST inside of this 5-day challenge when it comes to signing up high quality, high value and high ticket clients. 

Take one of my students, Neshe for example - Within one month of working with me, she closed a $30k coaching/consulting client, then went on to close several more using my Leveraging LinkedIn strategy. She is now helping corporate clients make a bigger impact in their communities through her consulting work. 

LinkedIn is seriously one of the most underrated and untapped traffic sources I’ve been using for years, and here’s why… 

Facebook and instagram purposefully throttle your reach, making it a pay to play platform. 

Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube and simply not get any views or subscribers? If you don’t understand what you’re doing, YouTube simply takes way too long to get any traction. 

With LinkedIn, it’s the exact opposite: 

I can reach hundreds of thousands of people, even millions of people for free on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is swarming with people who are looking to spend a large amount to fix their problems. 

LinkedIn is already a place of business. The sales cycle is shorter and you can sign up clients easier than ever when you know how to make it work for you. 

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Here’s everything we’re going to be covering during this LIVE 5-day challenge: 

Day 1 - How to prepare to CRUSH it on LinkedIn 

Day 2 - How to ROCK your profile page! 

Day 3 - How to understanding the Algorithm 

Day 4 - How to use Attraction Marketing 

Day 5 - The Art Of Selling Without Selling 

We start August 22nd. 

Let’s get you some clients this year! 

Simon Parsons 

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