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You'll never have to worry about your income if you do this:

When I started in sales back in 2013, I discovered a mindset that helped me to always have more than enough income and it has become a guiding principle for me ever since.

Sales often has a reputation for being:




High pressure

Often in sales, reps put themselves first and do whatever it takes to make the deal happen and it often isn’t in the best interest of the client.

They call this ‘Commission breath’, and it stinks.

I started telling this to my clients:

“If I truly put you first, I’ll never have to worry about my paycheck”.

But I didn’t just say it, I did it.

I stopped worrying about my paycheck and just focused on truly putting my clients first.

And the money just rolled in.

Years later, I could tell my clients that this has always worked for me, if I put them first and I wouldn’t need to worry about my income.

Saying this to your clients is a major way to build trust (so long as its sincere).

Last night in my mastermind I heard this:

“Focus on mastery, not the achievement”.

We often put way too much focus on the achievement and not the mastery.

The achievement is the byproduct of mastery, just like higher income is the byproduct of serving your clients at the highest level, just like a better body is the byproduct of consistent training and eating healthy.

Jim Rohn once said ‘your level of income will be in direct proportion to you level of self development’.

In 2019, I really put that to the test and invested more time and money into becoming the best version of myself.

What happened was so predictable.

There is one more thing that I would add:

Trust the process.

When you are gripping on to tight, you don’t have an open hand to receive.

Trust that by giving your best self to your clients and mastering your ability to do so, the results, the paycheck, the achievement…. will come.


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