The ugly truth about 'High ticket'

If you are a coach or creator you’ve likely been pitched with things like:  

“Scale your business to $30k in 90 days”.  

Does that seem to good to be true? Making $360k per year in less than 90 days? 

“I thought it would be so easy”. I hear that often.   

Go to Facebook and search “High Ticket” in groups/communities and you’ll see a hundred ‘Guru’s’ with their free Facebook groups pitching the exact same thing.  

Are you seeing it?  

If there are hundreds of coaches that coach other coaches on how to make high ticket, and it’s just so easy, why isn’t every coach filthy rich?  

The ugly truth is ‘quick and easy’ is an easy way to sell but doesn’t guarantee the clients will get results and often sets them up for failure because when they don’t succeed, they think there is something wrong with them.

High ticket clients need to be earned, not pitch slapped.   

Did you catch the webinar that Tucker and I hosted last Tuesday night?  

In it we shared a bunch of value for free that you can implement RIGHT NOW, like the 3 part close that Nick used to sign his first trauma recovery client. Congrats Nick on your win!


Watch the replay and grab some nuggets that will help you understand our core values of building up trust with your clients and giving them offers that are appropriate for where they are right now in your relationship with them. 

If you want to actually implement this, jump in on our ‘Offer Creation Blueprint’ where we will spend the next 7 weeks helping you build out your offers using real data and research.

Notice this is NOT a high-ticket program, it’s $497 (less than $100 per week) and you won’t be just learning, you will be implementing!  

We started with 40 slots available and are looking to fill 10 more and we only have 3 days left so secure your spot now!  

Also check out today's Mindset Hackers Podcast (available on all platforms) that will tell you how one of my student's paid for one of my coaching programs for without me discounting the price (and I ended up with 2 additional sales) using Expansive Thinking!



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